My 5 minute pleasure ritual – that makes me happy all day long.

I smuggled some Panamanian Sunshine back for you in a secret pocket from my recent vacation.

While I was in paradise I still found myself completely stressed out at first, trying to let go of a busy work season.

I was totally unable to surrender and enjoy my beautiful surroundings and this was just making me even more stressed.

Then I remembered how to start my day off right.

Something easy, that takes away my internal struggle and replaces it with fun.

It’s a little life-changing and delicious practice I call, “The Pleasure Ritual.”

So if you’re battling to let go of negativity in any form, and it’s stressing you out, yet you crave more ease and pleasure in life…this could be just the thing for you.

Find out how to create your own pleasure ritual in this week’s video below.

Can you think of any women in your life who would love to have a Pleasure Ritual?
Then please share this video with them!

And in the comments below, share with everyone what your Pleasure Ritual is going to be, it will inspire other women and help you stay accountable.

With Love and smuggled Panamanian Sunshine,


PS: If you want to try my breast massage ritual you can find it in the free 1st week of my online course here