Going Down on a Goddess – 16 Sensual Steps

The first time a lover treated me as a Goddess, I burst into tears.

To be seen as a powerful, magical and beautiful being…

It felt true…

It felt vulnerable…

And it felt so incredibly amazing.

I was so sad for all the times I’d never experienced it.

This is the source of all amazing sexual experiences – looking at your partner with awe and wonder.

If you approach a woman as a Goddess when you go down on her…wow…

It can literally be life-changing.

People think that having excellent oral skills is just that – a set of skills.

But it’s way more about having an inner approach of sensitivity, love and even devotion.

And the skills help, too.

That’s why I’ve made this video for you, it’s got detailed skills and all of the mindset you could ever need to be a truly excellent lover.