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Jade Egg: The story you haven’t heard

Have you noticed that the mainstream media often makes fun of women’s sexual empowerment?

In particular, there have been a lot of condescending stories around the Jade Egg recently…

Now, I love people asking important questions or doing deeper research about a practice…

But what I’ve seen over and over again is that the tone of these articles is patronizing, demeaning and ridiculing…

Because it’s still super easy for women’s sexuality to be made fun of and to make her feel small for even daring to embrace her pleasure…

And for a woman’s choice to take her own healing, empowerment and passion into her own hands (literally!!) to be dismissed.

What I’ve found especially heartbreaking is that these articles never ask the women themselves.

It’s another instance of “experts” and celebrities giving their opinion…but not giving real women a voice…

And one of the reasons I’ve personally been so upset by this…

Is because after every round of my Jade Egg course, I send out a survey and get hundreds of responses from women about how the egg affects their lives.

And every time I read these surveys…I am moved to tears.


Because after a minimum of three practices, women report loving their bodies more, embracing their sexuality more, understanding how sexuality is energetic and alive and powerful in their own bodies.

They start loving their pussies and stop apologizing for themselves.

They stop repressing their desires and start living.

This isn’t small stuff. It’s revolutionary.


And so every time the media talks about the jade egg and they just don’t get it at all, I cringe.

Not because it even matters to me as a business (since the media coverage, our course enrollment has gone up…it really is true that all PR is good PR…)

But because I deeply believe in this practice and I want it to spread.

And if a woman can claim her own sexual power, heal her relationship to her body and find a gentle, daily way to release shame, fear, guilt and pain around her sexuality I think that’s a total miracle!!!

And if she decides not to do it because it’s not her thing – great – but if she decides not to do it because she doesn’t have the full story – that to me is tragic.

So, I thought…why not have real women tell the real story of the egg?

Wouldn’t that be so much more empowering than letting everyone else tell it for us?

Catch the real (and powerful) jade egg stories here.

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Revolutionize your sex life…with this simple Orgasmic Breathwork Practice

Have you heard about breathwork?

It’s one of the fastest, natural ways to experience profound transpersonal awakenings

…to heal deep traumas and pains from the past

…and to get brilliantly and lusciously blissed out.

I’ve noticed that so many people are talking about it and trying it…

even researchers at Stanford University are jumping on board to understand it’s effects.

Now, I LOVE breathwork.

I did my first session over ten years ago and it is one of my absolutely favorite all-time tools.

Here’s the thing: if you do it during sex…it will blow your freaking mind!!

Seriously, doing breathwork during sex is like taking a magical pill.

It ups your passion, sensitivity, aliveness, wildness, pleasure…

And it makes for wayyy more potent orgasms.

Want to try it?

I made you an audio and a training (for both women and men) so you can start breathing during sex today.

(You can do this with or without a partner, it actually works better to train by yourself first!)

Get my Orgasmic Breathwork practice here

Enjoy, my love!

I’m so happy for you to try this!!

Let me know how you go.

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What sexuality is like at different ages

Hi [First Name],

My favorite email I ever received from a student was this:

OH. Melt.

I literally could have died happy in that moment.

AND this woman inspired me so hard.

I was like, I am going to sexually slay until my 90s.

In fact, since I’m planning to live to 130 years old, I’m gonna be a total sex bomb in my hundred and twenties…

that’s right…with pastel purple hair and a total vixen style.

If you got the same messaging as me, it’s like, you only get to be sexy for a certain period (like 18 – 28) and then it’s over.

And this is batshit crazy.

Because we’re sexual at all ages.

Babies masturbate in utero. Yes, that’s right. Babies.

Sexuality is so core to who we are as humans.

And we’re sexual beings in every stage of our lives.

So, to capture that, we invited people of all ages to my filming studio to share what sexuality was like for them.

What was especially cool was that the 12-year old and 17-year old blew my freaking mind.

Find out what they said below.

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3 techniques for exquisite cervical pleasure

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”


I say: the cervix is a girl’s best friend.

And cervical pleasure is wayyyyyyy better than any diamond.

(Even if you’ve had your cervix removed, you can still have cervical pleasure! I’ve worked with so many women on this and they are able to restore sensitivity, power and pleasure to their cervical area!!)

But you may have never explored your cervix before…

And if this is the case – it may feel painful during sex or make you feel squeamish.

However, if you start connecting with your cervix during self-pleasure…

You can open a whole exciting universe of orgasmic pleasure.

I’m sharing my three top ways to pleasure and awaken your cervix with you here.
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7 Signs You’re Ready For Tantra

At the age of 13, I announced to my parents in suburban Colorado that I was changing religions.

I was no longer Catholic, I was now a Hindu who worshipped Ganesh and Krishna.

(They seemed reasonably open to this, but the other kids at my school thought I was insane)

I went to India and Nepal at the age of 15 and accidentally tattooed the “OM” symbol on my upper back.

I say accidentally because I had no idea what it meant, I just felt drawn to it.

(I later felt “embarrassed” that I’d done that – how cliche!! But other times, I felt like I knew exactly what I was doing…remembering…)

When I was 18, I went straight back to India and knew in my bones that my life purpose was Tantra.

I had no idea what the hell that really meant…but I knew it was what I was here to do.

Now…my parents are not mystical.

No one in my life went to Asia.

I well and truly was a girl from the suburbs of the suburbs and I’m actually really glad I didn’t ask myself too many questions…

I just put one foot in front of the other and kept saying “yes.”

I said yes for another fifteen years…and will keep saying yes for the rest of my life…and I’m grateful for every moment…

I’m sharing this with you because in classical Tantra, when it is time to wake up…

you get called.

It’s kinda like getting bopped on the third-eye with an undeniable desire to change your whole life…

It’s like being drawn to the light…and the truth…and the depth within everything.

And sometimes you get a huge calling…

(Like it’s time to find that teacher)

And sometimes you get a smaller calling…

(Like it’s SO time I finally read that book!)

But a calling is a calling.

I made this video to show you some of the signs when you get called

(and it’s a little tongue in cheek because there are literally infinite ways to get called!!)

Find out if you’re ready for tantra below ;)

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