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3 exquisite benefits of period sex

Hi [First Name],

When I was nine, I would pray every afternoon that I would never get my period.

I was so terrified of womanhood and what it meant.

All I knew is there was something…distasteful…on the other side.

But even to my very uninformed and scared young mind, a period signified “woman.”

To bleed was to be a woman.

There is something problematic in this, in that not all women have periods and not all women bleed.

Womanhood is more vast than a period and includes trans women, post-menopausal women and other women who don’t bleed for one reason or another…

But our cultural myths often tell us that a period is synonymous with becoming a woman…

And because of this, I’ve seen over and over again that how we treat menstrual bleeding often goes hand in hand with how we treat women in our culture.

How does the mainstream treat period blood?

It’s gross – mysterious – meant to be hidden – a medical issue/problem – needs to be “sanitized” and kept clean – not incorporated into the greater cultural conversations – dirty….

Hmmmmm….sounds a lot like how we treat women and “femininity” in general.

Like there’s something wrong with you that needs to be sanitized and kept hidden.


So, changing how you relate to your own period or anyone else’s period is a FABULOUS way to change how you think about womanhood.

What if, instead of menstrual blood being gross – unsanitary – and meant to be hidden…

Blood was beautiful, natural and meant to be celebrated?

What if women were beautiful, natural and meant to be celebrated?

What if their bodies weren’t weird medical issues to be sanitized….

But temples of awe to be respected and grateful for?


All of this is to say that having sex on your period can be quite radical and empowering.

It can change the way you feel about your body and your womanhood.

Or, if you have sex with a woman who bleeds, it can change how you view her.

Or, if you don’t bleed yourself, celebrating periods and period sex can change how you view women who do bleed.

Any way you look at it – it’s liberating.

So this week, we’re talking about period sex.

Why it’s so amazing and why it needs to be celebrated.Discover 3 exquisite benefits of sex while menstruating below

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Do you see how beautiful you are?

Whenever I would see photos or videos of myself…

Or even just catch myself in the mirror…

I would get this sinking feeling…and here these harsh voices…

“You aren’t beautiful enough. You aren’t perfect enough. You aren’t…enough.”

And that tied into a fear that I wasn’t desirable or loveable…

And I’d have this sinking, terrible feeling of horror.

Ug, ug, ug.

Can you relate in any way?

The saddest thing was I wasn’t just rejecting my beauty…

But that all the unworthiness I felt because of it seeped into every area of my life.

The friends I felt I deserved.

The relationship I felt I deserved.

The money and career I felt I deserved.

Because I rejected my beauty, I rejected a core part of myself.

And my whole life suffered as a result.

How can you feel worthy if you don’t see your own beauty?

And we’ve been taught by patriarchy that beauty is only in youth and “perfection”…

And that is total BS.

Because there are plenty of young and perfect people who lack any real beauty

Because beauty really is an essence, a radiance, a core illumination that everyone has access too.

I finally started to see my own beauty in photos and film and in the mirror.

But it didn’t happen overnight, it took years of dedicated practices.

I’m going to share the ones that really made a difference for you in today’s video.

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Dealing with jealously and comparison with other women

I would say that in my early 20’s I was consumed by the following activities:

18% worrying about how I would pay for rent and food

10% worrying if my boyfriend was going to leave me

22% worrying if I was attractive enough

5% learning to meditate and do tantra

31% being jealous of and comparing myself to other women

5% making money


Youth is wasted on the young, right?  😂😂😂

If I’d just taken half of that energy I put into being jealous and comparing myself…

Into meditation, tantra and making money…

I’d be the second enlightened female billionaire!!

(after Oprah.)

But since I didn’t make that choice, as a really meagre consolation prize for myself…

I’ve got a TON of great insights for you on how to overcome jealousy and comparison with other women…

(because I eventually did overcome that habit…)

So you can put that energy somewhere amazing instead.

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7 Ways to re-ignite passion a low sex relationship

In 2017 I experienced the excruciating shame of not being able to remember the last time that Andrew and I had had sex.

There are literally not enough “red-faced” emojis in the world to convey the deep, deep shame that I felt in that realization.

Now, I want to give you a bunch of excuses. I was taking care of my dad in hospice. I was working 60 hours a week because my business was exploding.

Andrew and I were going through a hard time together personally and professionally and we were exhausted.

And all that’s true…but what’s even truer is that Andrew and I are a normal couple.

We’ve been together five years.

We value our sexuality, we love each other deeply, we practice tantra…and you know what?

Like any long-term couple, the amount of sex we have and the attraction we feel for each other goes up and down.

When we have less sex, I get to feel all the shame and doubt normal people feel…

Maybe this is the end!!! Maybe we’ve lost our attraction forever.

Ug, how can it feel this hard…remember when we first met and it was so easy?!?

I bet all of my other friends in amazing relationships are having way more sex than us. I bet they’re having it right now. I bet it’s freaking epic.

And I also have the special benefit of professional shame…

This is your CAREER. You know all of the tools in the WORLD. If you can’t do it, then WHO CAN?

If you don’t have hot sex every day, you are a FRAUD!!!

OOOOOhhhhhhhh….the mind.

So, while I’m here to tell you that every couple goes through low sex periods and it’s totally normal and there is nothing to be ashamed about…

I also want to share with you that there are things you can do about it.

Because every time Andrew and I have gone down a rabbit hole of losing our sexual connection and magic.

We have come out on the other side..and the cool thing is…even stronger than ever.

Andrew is my soulmate and life partner.

And when we move through a period of low sex, we almost always have to work through fears of intimacy, sexual blockages and conditioning and many, many other things.

Low sex isn’t some horrible nightmare…it’s actually an invitation to work deeply on our relationship.

We’ve done it every time…it’s not always fun, but it’s always, always worth it.

And we come out on the other end even more sexually connected and vibrant than ever.

I can’t, as a sexuality teacher, promise you that a long-term relationship is a walk in the park and that the tools I will share with you will magically fix everything.

What I can tell you is that every time I’ve used tantra and my own holistic sex tools to address our sexuality…

We grow deeper and more connected.

There is something hot and amazing about a new, sparkly mysterious person.

But let me tell you…there is absolutely nothing like having incredible, soul-baring, life-changing sex with the person you love more than anything in the world.

I find it’s a challenge, but when you, as a couple, rise to meet the challenge…the rewards are magnificently worth it.

I’m here to show you what’s worked for us and what I believe every couple should know to keep their sex life and attraction alive over the years.

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How to give an Epic Prostate Massage & drive him wild with pleasure

I often wish I could crawl through your computer

and make you a nice cup of tea…

and talk to you about prostate massage face-to-face.

(I know that could sound extremely creepy, so please stay with me for a moment longer before you unsubscribe and never come back )

What I mean is, sometimes I’m making you these videos and writing these emails…

but they can’t really get to the truth of what I’m trying to say.

Because prostate massage can absolutely change a man’s life.

The first time I gave one to a boyfriend, he wept tears of joy.

We were in Bangkok in a tiny little shack of a room.

He was going to fly back to the US and really wanted to try it…

And I was feeling extremely experimental.

But he was so touched by the experience that his heart melted open and we fell even more deeply in love.

Prostate massage works with a man’s “g-spot.”

It can produce a deeper experience of surrender and pleasure than he’s ever known.

And if you want to try something different, spectacular and fresh with a guy…

This is it!

Follow this step by step guidance and experience some cosmic things together.

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