Discover secrets to epic sex and lasting passion
with the simple techniques in my new book.


How to give an Epic Prostate Massage & drive him wild with pleasure

I often wish I could crawl through your computer

and make you a nice cup of tea…

and talk to you about prostate massage face-to-face.

(I know that could sound extremely creepy, so please stay with me for a moment longer before you unsubscribe and never come back )

What I mean is, sometimes I’m making you these videos and writing these emails…

but they can’t really get to the truth of what I’m trying to say.

Because prostate massage can absolutely change a man’s life.

The first time I gave one to a boyfriend, he wept tears of joy.

We were in Bangkok in a tiny little shack of a room.

He was going to fly back to the US and really wanted to try it…

And I was feeling extremely experimental.

But he was so touched by the experience that his heart melted open and we fell even more deeply in love.

Prostate massage works with a man’s “g-spot.”

It can produce a deeper experience of surrender and pleasure than he’s ever known.

And if you want to try something different, spectacular and fresh with a guy…

This is it!

Follow this step by step guidance and experience some cosmic things together.

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The Magic of Orgasm Without Ejaculation

Hi there,

Laylas BF Andrew here,

Growing up in Australia in a fairly conservative society…

I was never taught anything about my own sexual pleasure

I didn’t even find out about masturbation until my teen years.

And only by chance when one of my school friends told me how to do it at a school camp.

I was like WOW how did I not know about this before.

I feel the same way about the orgasm without ejaculation practice…

which I’m now only discovering in my 40’s…crazy!

It’s like this hidden gem of knowledge that most men have never even heard of.

Not only has it opened up a whole new world of pleasure for me…

where I now find regular orgasms a bit of a letdown.

But it has also allowed me to last sooooooooo much longer in bed with Layla.

Which has pretty obvious benefits for her ;)

And what’s really interesting is that I haven’t even fully mastered the orgasm without ejaculation technique itself yet.

Just starting the process and practising a few of the techniques that we share in the video below

will completely change how both you and your partner experience sex.

In this video we not only talk about the technique itself but how it has fundamentally changed our sexual relationship.

And ladies, please forward this on to the men in your lives as we all need this knowledge.

Plus the more men that know about this…the more epic pleasure you’ll be having in bed too ;)

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9 steps to exquisite gushing / squirting orgasms

There is an exquisite, undeniable beauty in your body.

I’ve just spent a month in the jungle working with the women in my one-year program…

And I’m still in humbled awe at what is possible.

How each woman carries a wellspring of magic and joy within her.

One thing I LOVE is female ejaculation (aka gushing or squirting orgasms).

Because they combine the deep surrender of release with the awesome empowerment of pleasure.

Understanding female ejaculation is super important if you want to learn how to do it.

But also because an estimated 60% of women are stopping their full orgasm during sex…

because they would normally ejaculate and are ashamed or afraid, so they shut down their natural response.

Celebrating, encouraging and empowering this amazing part of a woman’s sexuality is so key…

So I’ve made you a beautiful video (in a hot pink wizard robe) to show you exactly how to do that.

Also *a fun mystical fact* in Tantra, female ejaculate is called “amrita” aka “nectar of the gods.”

I’ve always enjoyed the idea that somewhere on this planet…

an enlightened female master shot her amrita into the face of her devoted male lover and he so became enlightened.

Because the universe is both laughing with us and loving us so hard.

Discover the 9 steps to exquisite gushing orgasms below

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Jade Egg: The story you haven’t heard

Have you noticed that the mainstream media often makes fun of women’s sexual empowerment?

In particular, there have been a lot of condescending stories around the Jade Egg recently…

Now, I love people asking important questions or doing deeper research about a practice…

But what I’ve seen over and over again is that the tone of these articles is patronizing, demeaning and ridiculing…

Because it’s still super easy for women’s sexuality to be made fun of and to make her feel small for even daring to embrace her pleasure…

And for a woman’s choice to take her own healing, empowerment and passion into her own hands (literally!!) to be dismissed.

What I’ve found especially heartbreaking is that these articles never ask the women themselves.

It’s another instance of “experts” and celebrities giving their opinion…but not giving real women a voice…

And one of the reasons I’ve personally been so upset by this…

Is because after every round of my Jade Egg course, I send out a survey and get hundreds of responses from women about how the egg affects their lives.

And every time I read these surveys…I am moved to tears.


Because after a minimum of three practices, women report loving their bodies more, embracing their sexuality more, understanding how sexuality is energetic and alive and powerful in their own bodies.

They start loving their pussies and stop apologizing for themselves.

They stop repressing their desires and start living.

This isn’t small stuff. It’s revolutionary.


And so every time the media talks about the jade egg and they just don’t get it at all, I cringe.

Not because it even matters to me as a business (since the media coverage, our course enrollment has gone up…it really is true that all PR is good PR…)

But because I deeply believe in this practice and I want it to spread.

And if a woman can claim her own sexual power, heal her relationship to her body and find a gentle, daily way to release shame, fear, guilt and pain around her sexuality I think that’s a total miracle!!!

And if she decides not to do it because it’s not her thing – great – but if she decides not to do it because she doesn’t have the full story – that to me is tragic.

So, I thought…why not have real women tell the real story of the egg?

Wouldn’t that be so much more empowering than letting everyone else tell it for us?

Catch the real (and powerful) jade egg stories here.

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Revolutionize your sex life…with this simple Orgasmic Breathwork Practice

Have you heard about breathwork?

It’s one of the fastest, natural ways to experience profound transpersonal awakenings

…to heal deep traumas and pains from the past

…and to get brilliantly and lusciously blissed out.

I’ve noticed that so many people are talking about it and trying it…

even researchers at Stanford University are jumping on board to understand it’s effects.

Now, I LOVE breathwork.

I did my first session over ten years ago and it is one of my absolutely favorite all-time tools.

Here’s the thing: if you do it during sex…it will blow your freaking mind!!

Seriously, doing breathwork during sex is like taking a magical pill.

It ups your passion, sensitivity, aliveness, wildness, pleasure…

And it makes for wayyy more potent orgasms.

Want to try it?

I made you an audio and a training (for both women and men) so you can start breathing during sex today.

(You can do this with or without a partner, it actually works better to train by yourself first!)

Get my Orgasmic Breathwork practice here

Enjoy, my love!

I’m so happy for you to try this!!

Let me know how you go.

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