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Is one of these 3 Orgasmic Myths
killing your pleasure?

I often like to imagine what I would have been told about sex if I was raised in a perfect society…

“Your sexuality is beautiful, your body is sensual and sacred, you deserve pleasure of the highest variety, and everything you could ever think, feel, do or say is perfect and worthy of love.”


I’d totally just be rolling around in nature, high on the ecstasy of being alive…

Anyways, that’s not what I got told, and probably not you, either.

As a result, most of us still have ideas about our sexuality that are not only lies, they are seriously un-helpful when it comes to our sexual happiness.

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Orgasmic Brainwashing – for the good of all womenkind

When I first told my boyfriend I could orgasmically brainwash myself, he was a little suspicious.

So I went up to the bedroom and did it on myself.

Later, out at breakfast he was like ‘WOW…I’ve never seen you smiling so much!’

It was true, I was beaming like the Cheshire Cat, totally high on love.

Want to know how to do it yourself?

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3 Sexy ways to tell your lover how to drive you wild in bed

We all know that faking orgasm is a big no-no.

But do you still lie there sometimes when sex isn’t feeling so great and not say a thing?

(I’ve been guilty of this too)

Telling your lover how you like it can be a challenge no matter how confident you are.

If you never, ever want to fake anything again, check out the vid below…
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My super orgasmic secret to overcome low energy levels

I was miserable and exhausted before this Vlog.

The filming wasn’t coming together, I was bitching and complaining.

Then I thought I’d take some of my own advice…

so I took a break and had an orgasm.

Presto! I nailed the next take.

Curious to see the results?

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I am so thrilled to share my new book with you, “Wild Woman in the Bedroom”

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I almost don’t want to call it a book, I’d rather call her “the epic guide to stripping off all that isn’t you and reclaiming the wild, gem of a woman that you are…”

And, yes, I spill out some pretty vulnerable and even embarrassing love stories from the true history of my life.

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