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Why crying during sex is so damn good for you

Why would I make a whole video about crying during sex?

For three solid reasons:

1. You’ve almost certainly had the urge to burst into tears during love-making.

2. You’ve probably tried to hold it back or felt embarrassed.


3. Crying is a doorway to much deeper, more potent sexual experiences.

Since I’m all about you having those, this week’s Vlog talks about the many reasons why you might cry during sex…

…and how to use crying to have even more amazing experiences in bed. With or without a partner :)

Check it out below.

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How to have a Magical Breath Orgasm

I haven’t told you much about this yet, but I really turned my life around two years ago.

Prior to that, the love of my life had left me suddenly.

I went from living in a luxury villa…

to sleeping on the floor alone in an Indonesian government housing project that cost $35 a month.

I was several thousands of dollars in debt, with no job

and I desperately chased that man for another year and half while he told me graphic details of his sexual experiences with other women.

I had no friends and a spiritual teacher that I had devoted my life to who called me names like “pathetic” and told me there was something hopelessly flawed about me.

Sexual trauma still plauged me with low energy levels and chronic health problems.

Then, I turned it all around.

I got the hell out of there and I decided to pursue my deepest dreams with a relentless ferocity.

I love to watch the fierce feminine force awaken in a woman.

That time, it awoke in me.

I moved to New York City, I met a gorgeous man who treated me like gold, I launched the Sexy Revolution and I built a kind of healthy, connected and loving dream life.

People write me and they ask, “How?”

No secret, I just applied relentlessness and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me.

You have the same fierce, feminine relentlessness.

It will take you anywhere if you let it.

One of the things I’m doing here with the Sexy Revolution is giving you power tools to strengthen that willpower.

God knows we all need it.

One power practice that has meant so much to me is the Breath Orgasm.

It opens up the fierceness and the truth in you.

It shows you that you don’t need a man or a technique to awaken your sexual energy and lifeforce, you can just breathe…and tap into all the power you need.

It’s also super fun.

In this week’s Vlog, I walk you through the basic steps.

Discover my magical breath orgasm technique below

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9 steps to Ecstatic, Spiritual Cervical Orgasms

I’ve got something pretty intimate to share with you.

Basically there is no word in the English language that can express how I feel about the cervix.

“Love” actually doesn’t cut it.

And here is why…If I have cervical orgasms with my boyfriend, I not only fall madly, deeply in love with him for the following few days, but I’m supremely happy for no reason at all.

AND I usually experience a rocking spiritual union that shifts my perspective from tiny to cosmic.

The first time I had a cervical orgasm, after I was done collecting myself up from total ecstatic annihilation on the bed, my first thought was…

My god, I have to tell the whole world about this.

Because the cervix is intimately connected to all the best parts of your female brain.

Bliss, ecstasy, connected relating, spiritual union, wisdom of the ages…your cervix holds the keys, baby.

And pretty much NO ONE is talking about this.

To you, the cervix might be painful or something you’d rather leave alone.

I think that’s a crime.

So, I’m breaking it down for you…

9 Steps to having Cervical Orgasms  – Watch them below.

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6 Steps to Fabulous Pleasurable Breasts

In case you hadn’t heard, I’ve been battling a terrible tropical virus called Chikungunya that I picked up in Bali.

Its been one of the most challenging 6 weeks of my life.

I’ve just recently gotten much, much better…

but you know how strong illnesses can really mess with your head?

When I started to film this Vlog, I had so many crazy thoughts in my mind.

“Maybe Chikungunya ate my brain and I no longer have the memory to make Vlogs”

“This illness has stolen my charisma, my confidence, my love…I have nothing left to give…”

So, I combined the two best ways in the universe to overcome obstacles:

I did a body meditation…

and then I sang “Eye of the Tiger” (very  poorly) at the top of my lungs

while pointing at my imaginary adoring audience of screaming fans.

Then I sat down and I started to film.

You’ll notice in this video, I start out a bit slow, cautious.

Then at some point, the Mojo just kicks in.

And there is a fire, a point, a beauty coming through.

2015 is the year of the Mojo kicking in.

For you and for me.

No matter what crazy thoughts you have, what kind of self-doubts…

It’s the year where that shit just doesn’t matter as much and your genius shines through anyhow.

On that note, this Vlog will show you 6 ways to have fabulous and pleasurable breasts.

Because regular breast care, will give you a hot sensuality and a sweet, powerful heart.

If you’re into that, then this Vlog is for you.

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My best Vlogs of 2015.

If you’re totally new here and want to catch up on some real gems of sensuality, then read on below for my most popular and best Vlogs of 2015.

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