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5 Irresistible Flirting Tips – For Sexually Empowered Women

I’ve been in a “Soulmate” couples training with Andrew for the past week in Corfu.

It’s been hellish and beautiful beyond description.

To give you an idea, one of our assignments was to make love while saying absolutely everything we were thinking or feeling.

It got heavy – both our feelings got hurt at certain points…

In times like this, I am really, really grateful for my ability to flirt.

We’ll be sulking after a fight and suddenly, I get the urge to dance on top of him and pull his hair while making crazy sounds.

Before we know it, we’re laughing hysterically and can’t remember what the fight was about.

Sometimes flirting is seen as something superficial, but I think it’s an essential skill if you’re single or in a long-term relationship.

Flirting isn’t about the other person, it’s about tapping into your own inner amazingness and playfully sharing that with others.

A good flirt is a great lover and an even better companion.

So this week I’m sharing 5 flirting tips for the sexually empowered woman.

Check them out below

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5 Natural Aphrodisiacs to Rock Your Sex Life

The first company I ever founded was a raw chocolate aphrodisiac company.

I had this dream that everyone would stop getting drunk or taking toxic drugs…

and start making wild love on organic herbs instead.

(Nope, hasn’t happened…yet!)

Anyways, for about two years I tested a whole bunch of natural aphrodisiac herbs on myself and my (semi-willing) boyfriend as lab rats.

I was looking for natural ways to feel more ecstasy, energy and bliss…

Find out my “test-results” for the best organic ‘sexy high herbs’ and where to get them below.

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I bet you’ve never been asked this question…

You might think this question is a little bit ‘out there’,

but stick with me, it’s super important for your happiness as a woman…

Do you love your pussy?

Really, truly LOVE her.

Sadly the answer for most women is ‘no’

Often your pussy (or whatever you like to call her) is completely taken for granted…

or worse, thought of as smelly, ugly or just not good enough.

With the pressures today on how she should look, smell and feel,

it’s harder than ever to have a happy pussy.

And an unhappy pussy often equals an unhappy woman.

So in today’s Vlog I’m sharing with you a simple exercise to completely transform your relationship with your pussy…

so she feels truly loved, happy and vibrant.

And you might be surprised at the pleasure she gives you back in return.

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Why Tantra is the New Yoga

Layla Martin

I’ve been feeling really nervous about getting rejected in my relationship lately.

I’m falling even deeper in love with Andrew.

And I wondered, “Is he feeling the same? Could he really love me as much as I love him?”

I asked him last night in bed, as we cuddled with our faces close together…

He responded,

“I find myself looking at you often and think, wow, I love her…and you know, sometimes when you’re with someone for a long time they become less attractive and just more familiar…but you get more beautiful to me each day & I love you more than ever.”

I’ve been in crush-mode all day with sexy butterflies dancing in my belly.

One of the great sadnesses of my life was that I thought I’d never really get loved.

I didn’t just want a relationship, I wanted the real soulful love.

But I knew I had to start with myself, because when it came to self-love, I was one sick puppy.

And that’s where Tantra came in.

For 12 years now I’ve pursued Tantric wisdom and teachings.

Most people get drawn in by the sexual part (totally valid reason!!)

Somehow I got really into the vision of a rich, dedicated, love-affair with god/self/goddess/consciousness for better or worse that started with myself.

Dedication to that transformed not only my inner reality (from hell to beauty) but also my outer relationships as well (from drama and heartbreak to love)

I believe that Tantric wisdom is so needed to unravel all that misery, and worthlessness and self-rejection we’ve inherited.

In 2015, I think we might finally be ready for it.

First we had a revolutionary Yoga wave.

Is Tantra next??

I believe so…

Find out what this tantric revolution is & what it might mean for you in this weeks Vlog below.

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Who is your inner Sex-Goddess?

This week I’m gonna be a dominatrix-bitch in the bedroom.

Being a Sex-Goddess isn’t just about looking gorgeous.

It’s about expressing your full range and depth of yourself authentically.

This week I’m shedding my nice & my pretty & I’m gonna demand my desires get fulfilled.

Next week, I might be fully spiritually poetic.

The point is not to limit the true depth of your femininity.

…If I go too long without expressing my sex-goddess archetypes, I feel so much less alive, full and powerful.

But since it’s generally not cool to unleash at work, in the supermarket or at the park…and a woman’s got her needs….

The bedroom is the perfect place.

Sexual energy is like a fire that ignites and allows you to enter different realms of your psyche.

This in turn opens up huge inner wells of creativity and inspiration.

In this week’s Vlog I’ll be sharing with you about the different Sex-Goddess archetypes and how to work with them sexually – whether you’re in a relationship or not.

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