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The Exquisite G-spot Pleasure Guide

So, I totally just found my new favorite word.


It’s Greek and it means:

1. To put soul, love and creativity into something.
2. To put ‘some of yourself’ into what you are doing.

…so beautiful, but there’s no translation for it in English.

It’s used to describe when you have left a piece of yourself in your art.

This captures for me the heart of a fulfilling sexuality.

It’s full of your unique soulful, loving, creative spirit.

So, how do you tap into that?

How do you fill your sexuality with soul, love and creativity?

By tapping the potential of your G-spot.

It’s not just a spot, it’s a whole world of pleasure and sensation that unlocks a certain “youness” in your sexuality.

And I’ve created an exquisite guide to fully accessing it in this week’s Vlog.

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Be youthful and sexy at any age – An interview with Dr. Northrup

“You can be younger at 60 then you were at 30 because you’ve changed your attitude and your lifestyle.” – Dr. Northrup, Goddesses Never Age

I have two minds about aging,

On one hand, I see myself dancing with wild abandon in some crazy desert festival in my 90s, being sexy, desirable and fashionable until the day I die.

On the other hand – I’ll catch a brief glimpse of that deepening crow’s eye wrinkle in the mirror and feel a flash of anxiety… is it all over so soon?!?

I know you may also be struggling with aging – can you really still be sexy at any age? Can you really still love your body and feel stunningly radiant?

When I feel a little lost – I look to role models to remind me of what’s possible and when it comes to being an ageless Goddess, it’s Dr. Christiane Northrup who inspires me deeply.

This woman is a sexy, salsa dancing passionista – fierce, firey, successful and brilliant in her beauty – now in her 60s.

So, I caught up with her today to get some of her best advice for us on feeling sexy in the bedroom at any age and shaking off that fear that it “just might be too late…”

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Sex Magic – Bring more money into your life with this sexy ritual

Recently, I’ve been taking a deep look at victim energy & how it eats away at my life.

It’s an ongoing process and I’m still working on stripping away negative feelings around my sexual flow (insecurities, safety, doubts) and money (unworthiness, guilt, lack of attention).

And I’ve watched it operate in insidious ways in the women around me…

…especially when it comes to sexuality and money.

Being a victim doesn’t always take the obvious form of whining and complaining: it can often be much more subtle than that.

Playing the victim shows up any time that you let your circumstances or people around you take away from how you want to feel and who you want to be in the long term.

Do you play the victim when it comes to sexuality and money?

Let your brain fill this in for me:

I’m not as sexy as I want to be because _________

I don’t have as much money as I want because_________

That will give you some idea if you play victim and to what…

The way to get out is to decide what you want, know that you are totally empowered to get it AND will do what it takes to get there.

Today’s video will show you a super potent technique for this…it’s called Sex Magic.

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Double your Orgasmic Pleasure…with these 4 simple techniques

Ok, That’s a pretty big claim isn’t it?

I don’t blame you for thinking…

“Double my Orgasmic Pleasure!? Yeah right Layla, you’re full of it!”

But I want to tell you that for most women its not only possible, with the 4 simple techniques I share in this video…

…but for some women these techniques could enhance your pleasure multiple times over. (If you stick with them)

It’s just that most women have never been guided into what to focus on.

So…Todays video is clear, practical and isn’t just a vague promise of more pleasure.

There is a whole book’s worth of wisdom condensed into a 6-minute video.

And these techniques work for absolutely any woman who’s willing to give it a go.

In the name of pleasure ;)

Discover how to Double your Orgasmic Pleasure below.

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5 tips ‘I wish I knew earlier’ for creating a Rocking Online Business.

Layla Martin

Today, I want to share with you what I’ve learned growing my own business… and what I wish someone would’ve told me when I was starting out.

Now, something I have to tell you is I’m not just out to have a successful teaching career myself.

I want a worldwide Tantric revolution of love and pleasure.

I know that you have a part to play in that if you are reading this post, and I support you because I believe a rising tide lifts all boats.

The more of us women there are out rocking it…

giving our gifts…

and making great money..

the better!!

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