Discover secrets to epic sex and lasting passion
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Find Your Dream Partner With This Simple Mind-Shift

Have you ever dated a sociopath, a cheater, a liar or the invisible man (the one who just vanishes without a trace)?

Yeah, I’ve dated every one of those guys and it almost killed me.

I’m going to share the sordid details of my dating fails with you in this week’s video…

I was nearly at the end of my rope, feeling insecure and pretty desperate that I’d never find love….

then I had a huge mind-shift around dating, met the love of my life and have had much better relationships with people ever since.

I want you to experience this mind-shift, too.

It can make the difference between feeling like hell when you date and literally enjoying your path to finding true love.

Discover how to use this mind-shift and hear about my absolutely miserable dating fails in today’s Vlog below.

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6 Steps to Give an Awesome Hand Job

So I was at this party in L.A. yesterday and I was chatting to 4 cute surfer guys.

As usual (considering my profession) the conversation turned to sex.

I told them that I was releasing a Vlog this week on how to give awesome hand jobs.

Four HUGE grins suddenly appeared in front of me.

And one of the guys immediately said, “I hope you told them any good hand job should include a ball massage as well.”

Yep, that’s in there, I replied.

And then one of the other guys chimed in…”Yeah and I hate it when women are too soft on our bits, do you tell them that we actually like it quite hard?


Then I told them the rest of the tips in the Vlog and their grins grew even bigger.

So now I can say I’ve had the approval of lots of men on these tips, including my own man :)

Find out how to make any guys night in the Vlog below.

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Are you real in bed? – 10 Questions to ask yourself.

Oh yeah , I’ve had my fair share of hiding my true feelings in bed.

…Or doing stuff I’m not totally ready for.

…Or just not being totally honest with myself or my partner.

It’s damn hard to be totally authentic in bed!

Insecurities come up and you start to question yourself.

What will he/she think if I tell them I want something else?

Shouldn’t I be ready for penetration by now?

And hundreds of other niggling thoughts.

What I’ve found is the more honest and open I am in bed the more amazing my sexual experiences actually are.

When I embrace my full sexual authenticity I uncover more of what makes me alive sexually…

and it always ends with more pleasure, more orgasms and a stronger connection with my partner Andrew.

So in todays Vlog I’m going to give you 10 questions you can ask yourself to see how ‘real’ you really are in the bedroom.

They’ll help you raise the bar on your sexuality and experience way more pleasure. Check them out below.

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3 Essential Erotic Practices – For The Modern Day Goddess

Do you feel like a sexual goddess?

In todays society with so much sexual repression, plastic surgery and body size expectations it can be super difficult,

especially as most of us don’t have access to practices to help us feel our full sexual power.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Throughout history there have been so many practices to keep women sexually vital…

…practices that Greek Goddesses used to feel fully connected to their bodies,

…that Chinese High Priestesses used to stay sexually alive

…and Tantric Goddesses used to worship and celebrate their bodies.

But due to thousands of years of feminine sexual repression, these practices have almost been totally lost to the modern women.

It’s time to change that!

So in todays Vlog I’m sharing with you 3 practices that you can use today to stay sexually vital and feel totally alive as woman.

I consider these practices essential for truly feeling yourself as a goddess, having an amazing sex life and being fully connected to your sexuality. Check them out below.

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The Dark Side of Vibrators (and what you can do about it)

There’s a cultural war going on…

Do vibrators numb you out?

Or are they power-pleasure tools of liberation?

After responding to thousands of emails, I have to say:

I’ve heard a lot of sad stories from women who can only experience lots of sexual pleasure with their vibrator and not with their partners or their hands…

…and they’re super frustrated by it!

On the other hand – a vibrator is an amazing little tool of pleasure – Why not celebrate it?

I’ve done a lot of work on this, and I’ve developed 5 great ways where you can get the most out of your vibrator, while NOT falling into dependency.

Find out how to have it both ways in this weeks video below

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