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3 ways to feel exquisite sensitivity inside your vagina

One of my biggest #lifegoals is to have every woman explore her deep vagina….

And LOVE it.

But let’s be honest, most of the time, once I’ve managed to convince you and you head in there (usually with some fear or disgust or loathing uggggggg)…

Hoping to find, I don’t know, orgasmic unicorns and it’s like:

And then, I hope in a non-creepy way, I’m right there with you saying, “Don’t worry!! This is totally NORMAL! It’s like a garden that’s been neglected. You’ve got to do some work, but it’s not gonna be that one lonely tumbleweed forever in your vagina.”

sexcoach #inspiration

In fact, and I’m totally not full of s**t, if you do some daily, simple practices, you can actually have those rainbow unicorns in your vagina and then it’s all like:

What practices you say?

Well, I’ve got three amazing ones for you today.

But please don’t assume it’s one and done.

If you’ve built up a relationship with your vagina for years and likely decades, it’s not going to change overnight.

It’s a deeper, long-term process, but here is what I can absolutely promise you.

Every single vagina is magic.

Including yours.

Each one has incredible sensitivity that is possible.

You just have to take the time, care enough and stick with it.

But the results are soooooo worth it.

Check out my 3 top practices to build exquisite vaginal sensitivity below

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OMG six years together! (crazy stuff we’ve learned)

In 2018, we broke up.

We navigated through me having a MASSIVE crush on another guy.

We did sex rituals.

We questioned whether this was really “it.”

We fell madly in love.

We argued.

We created space to explore ourselves and our sexuality.

In other words, we are in a relationship.

We’ve been doing our absolute best each and every day to stay true to ourselves and to discover what real love actually is.

I think there is a new kind of relationship emerging for couples who are ready.

It’s something we’re all exploring together as we go and it’s just so helpful to pull the curtain back and hear the real story from the inside!

In this video, we share with you some of the most life-changing and sometimes crazy insights we’ve learned about relationships in the last 6 years.

Hopefully it inspires you in your relationship/s (or in what is possible).

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5 techniques to orgasm quickly

You know, over here I’m in the house of taking it REAL slow.

Slow pleasure. Slow touch. Slow love.

But I get it. Sometimes you want it hot and quick. You want that blue flame in the center of the bliss.

Sometimes their tongue is about to fall off and they are trying so hard.

Sometimes you only have five minutes before the baby starts screaming and the house turns into a dumpster fire.

I got you. I think it’s actually better if you don’t focus on the orgasm, but if I’m being super honest, sometimes even I’m like, “Gimme three orgasms to go and LET’S ROLL.”

Sometimes we want it slow and we’re just being in the moment and sometimes we want it NOW.

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3 Conscious Men Talk About Sex

I was talking to my friend Johann about sex the other day and what he really loves about his wife, Rachel…

And I was thinking in my head, “I sooooo wish that every woman could hear this!!!”

So, like usual, I invited him in to make a vlog with Andrew and Jason so they could share what they really desire in the bedroom.

Sometimes we focus on the worst in men or the lowest vibration of men’s sexuality (which can be important, because it needs to be addressed and dealt with)…

And we don’t always talk about amazing examples of manhood and what men’s sexuality can look like when they uplevel and evolve their relationship with sex.

I think for straight women, after being exposed to so much toxic male sexuality, it’s really empowering to hear what’s possible from men who are choosing a higher path…

And to see how men are being called to join the rising consciousness of women (and the planet) … and that many of them are saying yes.

(I want to note that in the last year, the interest I’ve been seeing in men to study conscious/sacred sexuality and to do their own inner work around sexuality has SKYROCKETED!!!)

Not just for my Men’s Sexual Mastery Training program, but literally everywhere that I go.

It’s an exciting time to be alive…and all of us are shaping the future together.

It’s a pleasure to imagine and create and embody this new world with you.

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I’ve never squirted #IamNotAshamed

I’ve never ejaculated!

That’s right, all this time thinking about sex, teaching sex, having sex…and I’ve never squirted!

I made this video to share what I can’t do since sometimes that can bring up shame for us…

Like everyone including your mother, aunt, friends and cat is doing XXXX “sexual thing” and you are the only one who is broken/incapable/not having fun.

I share about how this shows up in my life and how we can all experience less shame and comparison around our sexuality.

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