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Watch her claim her sexual pleasure

Have you ever felt unworthy of sexual pleasure?

What would your life be like if you allowed yourself to feel fully worthy of pleasure?

Watch Tyler explore this question with me and take the challenge to increase her worthiness of pleasure for one week below

Then join us in the #worthyofpleasure challenge, where you can increase how much pleasure you allow yourself to feel all week long.

Did you catch what happened to me when I took myself from a Level 8 to a Level 10 at the gym yesterday on Instagram???

Take the challenge below and let us know your results.

Here’s to so much pleasure in your life!!

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The Pleasure Challenge

We’re gonna try something totally different together that I am BONKERS excited about!!!

For the next two weeks, I’m inviting you to focus on being “Worthy of Pleasure” together as a community… You’ll get to look at how much pleasure you allow yourself in your life…

And use a simple process to increase it. You can watch this process that I did with Linda below (This is one of my favorite all-time videos BTW)

If you want to join the challenge…

Follow the simple 5-step process outlined in the PDF underneath the video below

When you take the worthy of pleasure challenge, you’ll increase pleasure in all areas of your life…then see what happens!

And please be sure to let us know the results by replying to this email or posting on the vlog or commenting on social media.

I’m SO excited to join you as well.

I currently allow myself to feel worth of pleasure at a level “8”… and this week I’m going all the way to 10!!!

I’ll be sure to update you on my results.

Our whole community will be joining in on this and you’ll feel the group resonance of upleveling our worthiness and pleasure as women!

Watch the video and learn the practice below:

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My experience of abuse at a tantra school

This was the most difficult video I’ve ever made.

A tantric yoga school that I attended, Agama Yoga, was abusive, violent and coercive towards women.

When I attended, I personally experienced some of this behaviour.

I share my full experience in the video below.

After 31 women reported similar experiences recently, I was finally able to do my own healing and come forward with my own story publicly.

In sharing this, I hope that I can encourage a deeper healing and integration for all of us…and to also share a new vision for what yoga and tantra and healing can look like in the new world we are creating together of safety, integrity and accountability.

I also recommend that if you have experienced assault, harassment or sexual abuse (in any area) that you check out this website: and consider reporting your experience.

You can remain anonymous, but if several women report the same abuser or harasser, they will be reported to local police – and you can also be connected to each other and to lawyers who can support you.

Sending you all my love. May we step courageously together into this new area – integrating the old wounds with love and using our hearts to create a new world of safety and integrity for all humans.

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I tried a vibrator for the first time

So I moseyed on over to the sex toy shop last Monday morning and purchased 4 vibrators.

(I have LITERALLY been waiting to write that first email line FOR YEARS. I am so proud. Thank you for allowing me this moment. Together. For us. 😂😂😂)

So, here is the thing. I’ve never tried a vibrator. I tried four for the first time.

I TOTALLY didn’t not anticipate what would happen – it totally took me by surprise.

Watch all the antics (and wisdom) here.

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I’m sexually attracted to women.

Who anyone else chooses to sleep with or love has always meant so little to me…

My best friend for years and years had always dated men…

Then she fell in love with a woman three years ago and got married to the love of her life.

I’ve mostly dated men in my life, but I have dated two women as well.

None of this is a big deal to me: people love who they love and that makes me happy.

That being said, I still receive emails on a regular basis from many of you who are concerned or ashamed of the fact that you feel attracted to someone of the same sex.

It’s hard for me to believe – and also so understandable – that many of us can still carry shame around our sexual desires, fantasies and choices based on gender.

I have created this #IAmNotAshamed series to talk about the things that many people can still carry shame around as a way to remove that shame for all of us.

So, let me offer my own deep truth:

I desire women. I have slept with women. I can find women sexually attractive.

And I am totally not only not ashamed – I am super proud of my desires and experiences.

In the video below, I will share with you my experiences and why they meant so much to me.

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