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We tried this wild ritual & fell more deeply in love

Something that has absolutely defined my life is to dive as deeply as possible into sacred sexuality….

Sex magic, somatic sexuality, mystical sexuality, ritual sexuality, tantric sexuality, neo-tantric sexuality…if there is some hint that there is a combination of spirituality and sexuality…I have tried it, tried it for years or have it on my list to try ASAP.

And honestly, the deeper, more intense, more challenging, more strange the whole experience is the more COMMITTED and DOWN I am.

(Can you relate?!? ;))

So, when I heard that my favorite Tantra teacher, Ma Ananda Sarita had a FOUR YEAR soulmate training for couples I was like OH. HELL. YES.

And I dragged Andrew to Greece (where it was happening) for two years (he enjoyed it immensely and also we both had a lot going on where it didn’t make a ton of sense for us to be in Europe that much)…

And we just dove in.

One of the rituals we did required one of us to take the lead…and indulge all of our desires the whole night long….

And the next night, we switched.

And, yes, when it was my turn, we totally ended up meditating on death in a Greek graveyard.

I’d always had a fantasy about me and Andrew really facing the reality of death together and what that could do for our relationship, so as soon as I got the chance, I had us sit in silence as the grave candles flickered at midnight…then we went back to our hotel and made love in a really spectacular way I’ll share with you.

Anyways, it was super beautiful, it made us fall more in love…and to me, is super inspiring about how a couple that grows together (and adventures together!) stays together…

Also, we totally now have to finish the last two years.

This business just got so busy that it became nearly impossible for me to take that time off…but I’m committed to us finishing!!

I also want you to know that with my sharing, I always hope to inspire you, but never to make you feel “not enough.”

We all have our different paths, different desires, different approaches…I’ve always been intense and adventurous, but however you roll and explore is deeply deeply beautiful as well.

I hope you feel that and we can connect from wherever we are at through time and space…and that our experiences and adventures inspire us to grow!

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Hey, have you tried sex magic?

Last week I did a really intensive one-week retreat, The Hoffman Process, where I released all the negative patterns I got from my mom, dad and stepfather growing up (suuuuper intense and also super healing!!)…

One cool thing about the retreat is that you couldn’t tell anyone what you did for work so I got to be (mostly) anonymous…

During one exercise, my facilitator asked me what I did to experience gratitude in my life and I said, “Sex magic…I practice sex magic in my backyard temple!!!”

Needless to say, all anyone wanted to talk to me about for the rest of the week was sex magic.

Moms from Chicago, tech entrepreneurs from San Francisco, construction engineers from Canada…EVERYONE wanted to know how to do sex magic.

Which is awesome because sex magic is better than…well, non-tantric sex…drugs, rock’n’roll, gluten-free macaroni and cheese and winning the lottery…I promise you…sex magic is better than all of those things.

I made this week’s video with my friends to talk about how sex magic has changed our lives and our experiences of sex (and also share more about the actual practice….)

It’s the most magical, incredible and beautiful practice and I am beyond thrilled that the word is getting out and everyone is starting to get down with sex magic.

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This is how you have a cervical orgasm

For me, the cervix used to be the place that was super uncomfortable and even painful if it got knocked at the wrong angle during sex.

When I first heard it could be orgasmic, I was like: 🤯😨🤯

I was super nervous (and definitely resistant) to even going there…

But I was also so curious about what secrets lay deep inside my own body.

What I discovered is that there is an actual process for releasing pain, tension and even crazy past life s**t out of your cervix…

And opening up to orgasmic bliss there instead!

The fancy word is “de-armoring” but I like to think of it as spring cleaning for a few thousand years of female sexual repression.

Out with the pain and in with the pleasure, because, ladies it is 2019 and it is about damn time your cervix stopped crying and threw a fancy party for her fine self.

In the video below I’ll show you how to do this exact process step by step on your own or with a lover.

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Why we call ourselves witches

In the last few years, my social life in Los Angeles has blossomed and I’ve made some of the deepest, richest female friendships of my life.

Part of our connection, instead of going to bars or clubs, is getting together and doing wild spiritual practices in nature.

Recently, we’ve been looking at how our own personal spiritual practices and our collective feels pretty witchy.

Honestly, we’ll be out in nature doing breathwork, jade egg, and working with energy…and I can feel how this is so natural for women as a practice of organically connecting to our spiritual selves.

I asked my friends to come in and talk openly about what it means to live as a witch in 2019: Watch them below.

I used to have so many judgments around being a “witch,” but now I can proudly say: It’s a huge part of who I am.

‘Witch’ once meant “wise” or “the knower and seer” in European languages… Isn’t it interesting how we’ve all been subtly taught to fear the women who know and see with wisdom?

And that witches have green faces and eat children in the woods?

What if witches were the Goddess herself expressed in the female body?

What if she had a human face and birthed our wisdom traditions in the woods?

As we unwind the conditioned fears of our own power, it’s become clear to me: The Witches Are Back and we are no longer afraid.

Maybe the world won’t be saved by Western Women.

Maybe it will be saved by witches from all over the world birthing a new world order of spiritual magic, celebration, and connection to the natural world.

Let me know in the comments below: Do you identify as a witch? And how did this video make you feel?

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This is why 46% of women struggle to orgasm

I used to believe that everyone was having these crazy porn-style multiple orgasms where they just explode within 2 minutes of penetration…

And like I was the only one struggling to come at all.

Sound familiar?

If you’re struggling to orgasm OR to have the kind of orgasms you truly desire, I’m here to tell you this:

You are NOT broken…

And there’s NOTHING wrong with your body.

There are reasons why you – and 46% of women in general – struggle to orgasm…

And it has nothing to do with how well you perform!

Or which position you choose.

In fact, the real reasons go so much deeper and nobody ever talks about them.

So in today’s video below I’ll shine a light on what’s really going on when you struggle to orgasm so that you can start to invite the full spectrum of orgasmic pleasure into your life.

It’s time that women all over the world get to heal their orgasmic nature.

It’s time for us to learn to be sexual on our own terms.

And to honor the fact that we are deeply sensual, pleasure-filled beings.

To your orgasms,

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