Are you ready to experience luscious pleasure and exquisite love in your body?

Hi, I'm Layla, and I'm excited to share with you how a little gemstone egg that you put up your vagina can make you feel ridiculously happy and authentically sexy in your own skin.

I have worked with several thousand women as they explore the jade egg practice for themselves, and I can say with total confidence that this practice:

Let's not beat around the bush—this little egg has transformed many a courageous woman just like you.

· Unlocks blissful waves of pleasure in your body

· Releases common blockages like sexual pain, numbness and disconnection

· Connects you to genuine self-love and an authentic feeling of sexiness

So even if this concept sounds a little "out there,"
stick around to discover why the jade egg is exploding in popularity as the new must-have organic super-food for your sexual soul.

My Shocking Realization About Female Happiness

I struggled through my adult years with the standard pieces of emotional baggage.
Let me count them...

So many female issues stem from stressed out and unloved vaginas.

In my determination to solve such issues,
I plowed through therapists, workshops, spiritual teachers, self-help books and relationships...

Yes, when vaginas are neglected, they can become full of tension, numbness and trauma. And, just like a crappy digestive issue can ruin your whole mood...a neglected vagina can have far-ranging effects on your entire sexuality...and your life.

Thousands of years ago, ancient Taoist female priestesses developed ultra-secret practices, which were passed down to certain women to keep them youthful, radiant, passionate, sparkling with sexual energy...and powerful.

Ok, so how do I get a loved-up vagina?

These practices involved a series of yoga-like techniques for the vagina, with an egg made from jade, which had special cleansing and harmonizing properties, according to the tradition.

And now I’m going to pass this special wisdom on to you.

Luckily, some of those priestesses passed on their secret sexy practices to other ladies, who taught some other ladies, who taught my teachers, who then taught me.

What's really cool is that this practice doesn't just work for priestesses or ancient women. The jade egg is super important for women in the modern world, too...

What modern issues the egg can solve...

Guilt and shame around feeling amazing sexual pleasure

Addiction to vibrators, porn or orgasming in only one position

Not feeling good enough, beautiful enough or worthy enough

Feelings of neediness that nothing seems to fill

Chronically low energy levels

Low sex drive

25 transformative videos and exercises (no nudity or explicit sexuality)

A Peek Inside the Course...

Start Transforming From Day One

– Experiencing luscious amounts of pleasure easily in your body

– Connecting deeply with your authentic sexuality

– Freeing your body and soul to express your full sensuality

I've stripped away all unnecessary aspects of the jade egg practice and I get you started right away on:

– Get really self-empowered so you can create a fully rocking life

– Awaken seriously potent, ridiculously long and even Tantric levels of orgasm

– Use your sexual energy to light up a room with your energy

– Fill up with copious amounts of self-love

I’ll also take you through beautiful routines that will show you how to:

This seven module course contains 15 transformative exercises and techniques, drawn from deep Taoist wisdom, years of learnings from women in my live workshops and my own orgasmic journey.

The Course Breakdown–A.K.A. Your Jade Pleasure Tools

These are all simplified into easy-to-learn video and audio exercises to help transform you into a modern-day sex goddess.

I’ve designed this course to address both the releasing of sexual issues and the expansion of your sexual beauty.

If you apply all of the practices in the course, I can guarantee that your body will light up with refreshing waves of passion and pleasure on a regular basis and that you’ll be able to tap into the bliss of life way more often.

In the 7 module process, you'll experience:

Module 1

Discover the three core egg moves that will allow you to enhance sexual pleasure, create pelvic floor strength and experience love for the sensuality of your body.

Master the Basics of Jade Egg

Module 2

Learn advanced techniques to release attachment and emotional baggage from past relationships and toxic sexual experiences. Experience a fresh, "reborn" sexuality.

Drop the Old Stories

Module 5

Learn effective and compassionate ways to release negative beliefs, fears and sexual trauma from your body. Restore your sexuality to pristine vitality and firecracker passion.

Gently Heal Yourself Sexually

Module 3

Learn how to work with your sexual energy, breath and body to create full-body orgasmic experiences of bliss. Discover how to be a sex goddess for real with a potent step-by-step tantric journey through your sexuality.

Explore Tantric Orgasms

Module 4

Start weight-lifting and isolating your pelvic floor muscles to keep in super-fit sexual shape while enhancing your orgasms and sensitivity by creating power and relaxation in your vagina.

Strengthen Your Pussy

Module 6

Master the ability to orgasm in many different positions and without a vibrator. Awaken your g-spot, a-spot and cervix for more amazing orgasms and pleasure.

Be a Sexual Rock Star

Module 7

Discover simple egg secrets that unleash natural storehouses of energy and aliveness so you can spend more of your life in joy, doing a ridiculous happy-dance.

Supercharge Your Energy Levels

It's Like Yoga For Your Vagina

Just like yoga balances you and makes you feel whole by working directly on your body and soul...

...the jade egg practice brings radiance and pleasure into your life by working directly on your sexuality.

..the jade egg practice is made up of specific movements, meditations and awareness designed for feminine awakening.

Just like yoga consists of specific body postures, meditations, breath work and awareness designed for human awakening...

Some Totally Luxurious Course Bonuses

These are not just any old calls—these are inspirational, motivational, life-changing experiences, where you can ask any questions at all about the course or sexuality in general. Many women find these calls to be surprisingly powerful and great for deeply connecting to like-minded sisters.

Live Question Time With Me in My Office Hours Once a Week

This is a carefully crafted, powerfully supportive, exciting and memorable community to regularly engage with for sharing your experiences and getting real, loving support. Joining is totally optional but highly encouraged.

Access to the Jade Pleasure Secret Facebook Group

You can post your questions, comments and experiences directly into the private course forum and I'll regularly respond and reply to give you custom guidance in your process.

Live Course Support From Me

The Master Class Comes With a High Quality Jade Egg

Our jade eggs are made from 100% pure, high-quality Canadian nephrite jade.

There are many low-quality or fake jade eggs on the market that can actually be harmful to your body. Our eggs are denser than most jade, so they don’t absorb harmful bacteria.

Nephrite jade is also purer than most jade, so it has more powerful healing properties, and it is also stronger, which prevents cracking during usage.

Why is this important?

The Jade Pleasure
Masterclass and Jade Egg

3 x monthly payments of


or pay upfront and save $38

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Private Coaching Upgrade:
The JP Masterclass +
2 Private Tantric Pleasure
Sessions With Layla

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or pay upfront and save $88

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Your Investment

Both options can be completed at your own pace, with or without a partner.

Try It Out 100% Risk-Free

I offer a super-solid, no-questions-asked money back guarantee on the course within the first 30 days. That way, you get to try out this process with no stress or pressure to decide if it really is for you.

And guess what? If it's not for you, you get to keep the egg for free.

We’ll still refund the full amount of your purchase.

I can afford to do this because I only offer the highest quality products,and my return rates are very low for this industry because of the 5-star service and results.



I don't live in the United States—can I still do the course and get an egg shipped to where I live?

Yes! You can do the course from anywhere in the world, as all the modules are pre-recorded and housed on our online platform. We also ship eggs worldwide. For delivery to the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and anywhere in Europe, please allow up to five business days for egg delivery. For all other countries, please allow up to ten business days for egg delivery.

Answers to Your Most Common Questions



What are the start and end dates for the course?

You get access to the course as soon as you purchase it. It contains seven modules, which open up week by week. There are also additional practices for you do while you wait for your jade egg to arrive. The only fixed dates in the course are the optional weekly live Q&A calls with me, which will be held at 1 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on Thursdays every week during the seven modules of the course (except during the integration week of holiday). The first call starts on April 13. You have access to the course forever and can take as long as you need to complete it.



Are these practices going to be really complicated? What if I don’t understand?

I’ve made these practices super simple and easy to assimilate into your daily life. My top priority is for you to love the jade egg so that you use it to get maximum results.



How often do I need to use the egg for this to work?

I recommend committing to at least one 10-minute practice every week. That is the minimum you need to do to feel results. If you can do it several times a week, or even every day, then you’ll really be rocking, but even the bare minimum will make a difference.



How long do I have to finish the course?

The course is available to you forever! That gives you as much time as you like to embody these practices and make them your own.



What if I already have a jade egg?

That's great! If the egg you own was purchased from us, we will refund you $70 when you buy the course. Just send us a message after buying the course, letting us know that you already have one of our eggs. If you bought an egg from someone else and do not want another one, we will refund you $30 when you buy the course. Just email us after purchasing the course and let us know you already have an egg. Alternatively, if you just want to know what size our eggs are to see if it's different from your current one, our eggs are medium size (1.7x1.2 inch/43mmx30mm) and are horizontally drilled.



What is the quality of your jade eggs?

My eggs are certified and top-quality. I only work with suppliers who source their jade from certified Canadian mines and can verify the quality of their stone. I also work with manufacturers who do not use chemicals or dyes in the manufacturing process and understand how to make jade eggs in a body-safe way.



How do I insert/remove the jade egg?

I’ll show you in the course how to safely string your egg before your practice so that you can get it out easily whenever you want.



Is there an age limit for this? Am I too old?

No! In fact, the jade egg is perfect for keeping your body super alive and passionate and sexually vibrant through menopause and way beyond. The jade egg practice can help to alleviate some of the hormonal challenges associated with aging by keeping your body sexually awakened.



I’m afraid someone might find out that I’m doing this course—can I be guaranteed privacy?

Absolutely. I will never, ever share any of your information with anyone, nor can anyone see that you are in this course. The only information about you will be your email address, and you can make a special account just for this course if you choose. I understand that privacy is really important to you and consider it a top priority.



I've had a complete or partial hysterectomy. Can I still use the jade egg and will it still work?

Yes! If you have had recent surgery, then please ask your doctor about an appropriate time to begin the jade egg process. However, if your healing is complete, then you can absolutely use the jade egg. Every woman is different and each surgery is different, but I have had women without cervixes experience cervical orgasm after using the jade egg, and many have described a deep healing and love for their body that felt very important post-surgery.

Don't just take my word for it—hear from our community.

I’ve had more carefree sexual experiences…

"I signed up for Jade Pleasure because I wanted to experience more pleasure and sexual healing in my body. I immediately noticed the changes in my body and mood after using the egg. I feel more in touch with myself. I’ve been able to feel more sensation in my vagina, and I’ve had more carefree sexual experiences with myself and my husband! I’ve used the practices to help me process trauma and anxiety into clarity and peace."

—Lauren, South Africa

I wish every woman had a jade egg and this knowledge...

“I grew up thinking that my access to pleasure and ecstasy was in someone else’s hands. What I have eventually learned, and all the more through Layla’s jade egg teachings, is that my access to my own pleasure and erotic nature is absolutely in my own hands. The power I thought was outside of myself is inside. And it is something I can cultivate, and expand beyond my wildest dreams. Layla shows you how, step-by-step. I wish every woman had a jade egg and this knowledge.”

—Jena La Flamme, Author, NYC

Reminds me how lucky I am to have a vagina...

“I was skeptical and weary. How the hell could sticking an egg made of jade into my vagina be a good thing? I tried the jade egg because I was curious. I figured that improving my relationship with my vag could only be helpful. I did not really know what an improved relationship would feel like, or why it was important, but I was definitely intrigued. Using the jade egg has provided me with pleasure I did not know existed. Seriously. The practice has taught me how to access ecstasy and an unprecedented connection within myself. It is also a lot of fun and feels awesome. Self-pleasuring and sex with my partner have taken on new levels of transcendence, thanks to the jade egg practice. The jade egg practice reminds me every time of how lucky I am to have a vagina. (Yay, vagina!) Owning and connecting meaningfully with your own vag is an EXQUISITE superpower to be able to claim, and the jade egg practice helps to embrace it all. I now recommend this practice to many of my patients who want to improve body image, sexual functioning and even their weight and eating habits. The benefits of the practice go sooooo beyond just sticking something inside your body. You owe it to yourself to try it.”

—Dr. Elayne Daniels, Boston

I felt happier, more empowered and radiant...

“This course is phenomenal and very transformative. After a week of doing the practices solidly, I noticed how I felt happier, more empowered and radiant. People were more attracted to my energy and I noticed how it increased my personal magnetism and the ability to love myself more deeply without the need for external validation. On top of that, this course is easy to follow, with videos that show how the practices are done and audio so you can easily download the practices and do them offline. Thank you so much for creating this course, Layla!”

—Naomi, Designer, Vancouver

Easy to follow and deeply nourishing...

“My desire to be free from sexual and internal baggage and to experience deeper confidence and a richer sexuality led me to working with Layla. I feel so empowered and grounded when I do the jade egg practice she’s designed. Her videos and audio are incredibly informative, easy to follow and deeply nourishing; there's plenty of material to challenge and satisfy me without my feeling overwhelmed. I’m beginning to experience extended orgasm—something I secretly feared was inaccessible to me. I feel blessed to have Layla and her teachings in my life.”

—Kaylan, Lawyer, L.A.

Now I know how to use the sexual energy in my body...

“I tried the jade egg because I was wanting to experience more sensation in my vagina and to gain more control and articulation over my muscles! It solved my issue by teaching me how to circulate my sexual energy through my whole body and get to know my vagina very intimately. Now I know how to use my sexual energy in my body to circulate the emotion states that I desire and feel my vagina's needs and desires much more deeply.”

—Alex, Entrepreneur, Australia

© Copyright 2015 Layla Martin. All Rights Reserved.

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The Jade Pleasure
Masterclass and Jade Egg

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or pay upfront and save $38

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Private Coaching Upgrade:
The JP Masterclass +
2 Private Tantric Pleasure
Sessions With Layla

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Your Investment

Both options can be completed at your own pace, with or without a partner.

...before I stumbled upon my eureka moment.

Emotional binge eating

Body insecurities


Fear of failure





This might sound crazy to you.

"No, Layla!" you might say, "It's really because of that extra 15 pounds. Or because I’m too boring/fearful/unloveable/unworthy."

I know from working extensively with myself and thousands of paying clients all over the world...that when your vagina is deeply relaxed, deeply loved, deeply pleasured and deeply cared for, it rewires your brain, melting away all so-called “issues...”

...resulting in a more beautifully connected and highly passionate version of yourself.

That thinking is downright wrong.

Why Your Self-Criticism Simply Cannot Co-exist With a Happy Vagina

You can keep searching high and low for the perfect mentor, the perfect relationship, the perfect anything to make you happy, but I’m here to say that the answer is right there, inside your vagina.

Is this as far-fetched as it sounds?

After a few thousand years of outright feminine repression, we’ve been taught to fear our greatest gifts. When I say the word “vagina,” it might make you squirm a little.

That’s why I’m here to support you and encourage you through this amazing awakening.

I know how hard sexual transformation can be.

Not at all—I mean taking the time to treat your vagina like she truly matters...like she's worth it.

I don't mean just having sex.

In the same way that yoga relaxes and opens your body to bliss, there are ways to open your vagina to mega-pleasure and sweet relaxation.

I don’t know too many things with 100% certainty, but I do know this:

The key to happiness is in your vagina.

Talking about sexuality like this can bring up fear, discomfort or even a desire to run away really, really fast. You might be tempted to click the “close” button on this website, never to return.

But I’m here to say, "It’s okay, it’s safe to be here, to do this process together."

It won't be as scary, strange or weird as you think, and there is no way that you can fail. Even just one tiny step in the direction of saying yes to your sexuality can make a huge difference.

I think in 20 years time, it will seem ridiculous that any woman ignored her vagina, just like the unconscious processed food consumption of 20 years ago seems ridiculous now.

And while it may seem “fringe” or “weird” right now, you’ll be WAY ahead of the curve.

You're on the forefront of the revolution.

...and I'm going to tell you why.

Even if you have doubt...or fears...try and stick with me as I explain this process to you...I promise it will be worth it. ♥

(Artist: Georgia O'Keeffe)

I'd like to now take a moment to point out that while all of this transformation is possible...it's not a magic pill.

After working with thousands of women in this process, I've seen over and over again that real transformation happens when the system is detailed and specific.

You don't get these results like popping a pill—you get them through regular practice over many weeks...

...in a system that works for your body and with your sexuality to enhance your natural sexual expression.

So while Jade Pleasure is fun, it's also operating on sound principles of purification, sensate-focus and strength-building that gently release negative belief systems and tension and replace them systematically with positive beliefs and pleasure-filled relaxation.

Achieve sensual rock star status and use the jade egg to sparkle with natural beauty and unleash your sexual pleasure in unforgettable ways.

HomeSign in

(Artist: Georgia O'Keeffe)

Now, Jade Pleasure is about so much more than putting an egg in your vagina and hoping for a miracle.

It’s a complex system of practices developed from a detailed understanding of women’s sexual health and functioning. But many people out there teaching jade egg practices have done one, maybe two courses, and then start calling themselves experts.

It’s important to point out that Jade Pleasure is the result of my more than 10,000 hours of training in the Tantric and Taoist traditions, along with human sexuality and personal development.

This specific course has been taken by 1,854 paying women, and for those who completed at least three weeks of the course and took the anonymous survey of results afterwards…

I’ve combined the ancient wisdom of the jade egg process with the most effective and modern techniques for integrating trauma and transforming the nervous system.

If you put in the time, this system definitely works!

My team and I have invested years and tens of thousands of dollars to provide you with an excellent, tested and proven system to transform your sexuality.

of women would recommend Jade Pleasure to their friends


of women experienced a better connection to their body


of women experienced more self-love



of women had better sex as a result



felt more sexy

of women had a better orgasm

If you feel that it is your time to say yes to this level of transformation and to experience greater levels of connection, love and sexiness…then jump on in, lady!

Introducing my 7 week Jade Egg Master Class

"A friend sent me an email and I was like OMG seriously...but it was the best money I ever ever spent"

—Kate, Life Coach and Mother, Canada

"It made me understand that my pleasure, power and playfulness is inside of me...it's not dependent on a man"

—Marianne, Coach, Netherlands

"I've given myself the gift of self-love which is so hard to figure out how to do in a practical way"

—Sarah, Obstetrician

"I joined to heal from prolapse but got so much more...this is probably one of the biggest gifts you could give yourself this lifetime."

—Shona, Australia

"Best decision I ever made...after my first practice I was just gleaming with energy, I was just so happy and giddy."

—Carli Jo, Casting Producer, Los Angeles

The Jade Pleasure
Masterclass and Jade Egg

3 x monthly payments of


or pay upfront and save $38

Buy Now

Private Coaching Upgrade:
The JP Masterclass +
2 Private Tantric Pleasure
Sessions With Layla

3 x monthly payments of


or pay upfront and save $88

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Your Investment

Both options can be completed at your own pace, with or without a partner.

I feel sexier, more confident and more attractive... and all I did was do this course...

"I have really learned how to hold my sexual energy in and use it for other things like creative ventures, physical strength and endurance. Thank you Layla! You've opened up a whole new perspective on self care and living with my body, my breasts and vagina on another level. I feel sexier, more confident and more attractive... and all I did was do this course. I'm grateful for this special intimate work you do with us. Who else is going to do it as genuine, fun and sexy as you!"


It made me appreciate who I am as a woman...

"For pelvic floor strengthening this course is AWESOME! I had been struggling to even find my pelvic floor before this and was struggling from some incontinence. This course was amazing for that! I love the facebook community and sisterhood there-being able to ask questions that I never would have been able to ask anyone in my personal circles. Also the information on the calls was like nothing I'd heard before. Really informative and feminine and made me really appreciate who I am as a woman. The massaging modules (BM, ABM, & sensual massage) are also something that I now do every day / evening. It feels so great to be able to soothe and comfort myself."


Thank you for re-awakening such a vital part of my own self...

"I have a tendency to over-think and over-analyse everything. I have found this this is a really good way to stay stuck in old patterns that don't serve me. Jade Pleasure cuts through that with its focus on letting the body (and pussy!) "speak". My entire cervical area and vagina have been neglected for years and I think Jade Pleasure was exactly what they needed, from a stagnant-energy and health perspective. For an area that's seen so little use, I sure have had problems with it. I haven't had thrush (an ongoing issue) since doing my first round of JP last March. I have a whole bunch of limiting self-beliefs and deep issues of shame around sex and myself as a sexual person, inherited from my mother. Jade Pleasure is helping me shed years and years of negative beliefs around sex and around my own body. As a 46 year-old who hasn't been in a relationship (or had sex) for nearly a decade and thought I was now dead in that area, thank you, dear Layla, for re-awakening such a vital part of my own self and for helping me to shed so much stagnant energy and to peel away so many layers. Oh, and I'm pretty certain you've saved me a fortune in therapy ;-)"


I never expected such deep healing, such incredible joy, such an awesome community of inspirational women...

"This course opened me up in ways I never expected. I thought it would be cool to work with my vagina and get more connected, maybe work on increasing pleasure and strengthening my muscles/ prevent incontinence. But I never expected such deep healing, such incredible joy, such an awesome community of inspirational women. I also really explored some types of orgasms I hadn't previously. The calls were so incredibly insightful! Hearing Layla answer questions with total honesty and intuition gave me such insight into the powerful work we can do, the amazing healing we are each capable of. I had so many "a ha" moments! It made me want to dive in and experience more. I know I will return to this again and again and I am so very very grateful!!! Such love to all the people involved with this!"

—Sarah T

I am amazed of the quality of your training and your competence...

"Every time I listen to the live calls, do my practice: I am amazed of the quality of your training, of your competence and I am SO SO happy I stopped hesitating and decided to cut down a little on my budget to invest in this training. I hesitated a long time (about 8 months). The reason of my hesitation is the fact that your videos are presented in a "sexy/glamorous form" that made me more cautious than needed. But that's just me and my preconceived ideas of how modestly/seriously such things should be presented. I see that now. I'm happy to say, and very genuinely so, that I LOVE you as a teacher and recommend your training all the time. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!"


This course has completely changed my life...

"It has revolutionized the way I relate to my body, my sexuality, energy, work, love, everything. I've healed things I thought I'd be healing for decades. Within a few practices, old traumas have lost their charge. It feels like love has grounded into my cells. and this bliss...I tell you, it's like the scent of a lily rising warm through the cells of my body. It came after doing some of the cleansing practices around abuse when I was a child. I knew that there would be treasures underneath that pain, but this is incredible. And it feels like just the tip of the iceberg. I'm looking forward to a life-long relationship with my body, my pleasure, my love! I feel grounded into the deepest place that love resides. Oh, i could keep gushing... but from the deepest places in me, thank you Layla. Thank you for everything you are putting into the world and everything you are."


It has given me so much voice and confidence to connect with other women...

"I have gotten a deeper understanding and integration of how my sensuality and sexuality is truly essential to my overall health and well-being and the sense of deep empowerment and gratitude for having a DIY practice that allows me to return to the exquisite connection and appreciation of my entire system and being. So another ESSENTIAL result of this course is how the FB group further support women like myself to continue to shed the layers of false separation with other women. It has given me so much voice and confidence to connect and share with other women that I find being friends and developing intimacy with other women has come so much easier for me. The FB group is such a core component to the success of this course and the growing strength of the circle of women in the world. Thank you."


I really felt Layla’s care for her students...

"Thanks to Jade Pleasure, I have a deeper relationship with my pussy (learning to listen to her and honor her.I have extra turn-on, I got clearer on living from orgasm, using the sexual/sensual energy to live at a higher level and deeper connection with my body and a deeper appreciation for myself as a sensual creature.

Just want to say that I loved the course and the content. I also want to say that you've gone above and beyond with the extras and the support. I felt like I received value way beyond what I paid. Total overdeliver. I really felt Layla's care for her students. She was very accessible and went above and beyond to offer her support and guidance, which made the whole experience richer and took it beyond a basic class."


I have truly never been happier or felt more connected to my body...

"The three main things I got from Jade Pleasure are:
1. A capability to draw on and manipulate energy when I previously did not even understand the concept of energy. 2.Transcendent sexual experiences that have tremendously influenced my spirituality, consciousness and creativity. 3. The ability to have long, multiple, deep, full-body orgasms alone, with penetration and without touch. Prior to this course I could only ever orgasm alone and they were short, depleting and mostly unsatisfying.
I am so grateful for you and your work. It has affected me on such a deep level eradicating my depression for a period lasting over a year (something modern medicine, medications, repeated hospitalisations and electroconvulsive therapy could not achieve in a period spanning 15 years). It has eased my chronic fatigue syndrome and made my daily life more manageable. It has enabled me to process, work through and release my sexual trauma and find a way to safely express my emotions. I used to have so much hatred for myself and body, was so ashamed, destructive and punitive towards it and was a self-harmer because I simply felt trapped inside it. I have truly never been happier, more equipped to deal with the above or felt more connected to my body, to my lover or been able to form such meaningful and deep connections with women. Thank you.


"Being over 60 sexuality was becoming a choice...the course bought me alive in ways I didnt even realize were sort of dead or numb."


"Within the first week I felt more confident than I had in 13 years. I felt at home within my body again."

—Arin, Project Manager, Los Angeles

"I've had people come up to me and ask what I'm doing I seem to be exuding so much more energy."


"I was super skeptical because 'hello' sticking an egg up your hoo ha...but wow, what a game changer."

—Amanda, Denver

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Registration closes in: