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Six Surprising Ways That You Can Use Sex

Sex is about way more than just pleasure or babies. Most of us got raised with some background notion that the very serious dude up in the clouds wants us to have sex to make babies in the bounds of marriage. Then most of us learned that it was okay to do it for pleasure, so long as we loved the guy or were married to him, or were drunk enough to excuse the behavior.

In Tantra it’s taught that there are three main uses for sex: procreation, pleasure and spiritual awakening. This at least broadens the scope a bit.

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How to be successful and powerful in a feminine way

One of the most common complaints I hear from my female clients (and some of the men!) is that they felt they had to shut down their sensitivity, emotions and connection to their body in order to get ahead and be effective in their male-dominated work environments. The attitude of mind-over-matter and the heroic ability to be able to function in any situation, under any circumstances has its place, and its benefits – however, many women, after years of this attitude, find themselves physically and emotionally exhausted, often with health problems, and feeling out of touch.

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What does it mean to “fuck like a woman?”

primal sex

I remember a few years back watching a super hot English boyfriend of mine dance, with his hips loose and his arms splayed, no suave latino on the dance floor – this man clearly moved to music like a girl.

I observed casually to my girlfriend, “You know what they say about how you can tell how a man has sex by the way he dances…it isn’t always true…because he dances like a total girl…” I trailed off, but my excited, super sweaty girlfriend carried on, in total exuberance, “But he FUCKS like a man!!”

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