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My 5 minute pleasure ritual – that makes me happy all day long.

I smuggled some Panamanian Sunshine back for you in a secret pocket from my recent vacation.

While I was in paradise I still found myself completely stressed out at first, trying to let go of a busy work season.

I was totally unable to surrender and enjoy my beautiful surroundings and this was just making me even more stressed.

Then I remembered how to start my day off right.

Something easy, that takes away my internal struggle and replaces it with fun.

It’s a little life-changing and delicious practice I call, “The Pleasure Ritual.”

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My Super Power solution for busting out of sexual hangups.

Isn’t it crazy that so many of us get stuck in issues with our sex-life or intimacy and it can go on for YEARS AND YEARS?

Stuck in feeling lousy about our bodies, stuck in feeling like we “take too long,” stuck in feeling like the same issues come up again and again in every relationship.

I used to cry so much for fear that I would never get rid of the numbness I felt sexually. I’d go to sleep terrified that I’d never have a truly fulfilling and loving relationship because my body felt so blocked.

Every other woman was going to be just fine…I was clearly and irrevocably doomed…

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If I could leave you with one piece of advice this would be it…

For this week’s Vlog I wanted to strip down all bullshit and get to the core of my message.

If I had but 5 minutes before being shipped off to another solar system and wanted to leave you with my most valuable piece of advice to live a life of true happiness…What would I say?

Watch this week’s Vlog and find out…
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How to turn up the pleasure volume during sex

Have you ever caught yourself during sex asking, is this all there is? Why don’t I feel more?

Maybe you can even remember a time when sex was awesome, and now it feels like a chore.

This happened in one of my relationships – I had a great guy who completely loved me and from the outside it seemed like I should have been having the best sex of my life.

But on the inside, I was dying, because for years during sex due to past traumas and my own insecurities I couldn’t feel a thing.

It took me a lot of time to learn how to get that sensitivity back and now I work with so many women who say that, for many different reasons, they don’t feel very much during sex.

So If you want to know lasting and simple ways to get that sensational sensitivity back in bed and go from feeling blah to bliss then watch this video now…

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Introducing The Sexy Revolution
– How to be Sexy, Spiritual & Have it All

Do you have those social moments where you wish you could release all self-consciousness and just have a great time? On the dance floor, at a party, during sexy time?

I’ve had so many of those moments – when I felt like there was so much fun to be had, and I just wanted to run to the mirror to check out if I looked okay.

What if I’d dropped the insecurity and used that energy to laser-focus on my goals and personal enjoyment instead?

We women pour so much attention into getting approval and we forget how awesome things are when we pour that same attention into enjoying ourselves.

If you’ve spent even one too many moments in insecurity and self-consciousness in this life and you are ready to trade that in for far more celebration, then watch this video now…
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