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Why we call ourselves witches

In the last few years, my social life in Los Angeles has blossomed and I’ve made some of the deepest, richest female friendships of my life.

Part of our connection, instead of going to bars or clubs, is getting together and doing wild spiritual practices in nature.

Recently, we’ve been looking at how our own personal spiritual practices and our collective feels pretty witchy.

Honestly, we’ll be out in nature doing breathwork, jade egg, and working with energy…and I can feel how this is so natural for women as a practice of organically connecting to our spiritual selves.

I asked my friends to come in and talk openly about what it means to live as a witch in 2019: Watch them below.

I used to have so many judgments around being a “witch,” but now I can proudly say: It’s a huge part of who I am.

‘Witch’ once meant “wise” or “the knower and seer” in European languages… Isn’t it interesting how we’ve all been subtly taught to fear the women who know and see with wisdom?

And that witches have green faces and eat children in the woods?

What if witches were the Goddess herself expressed in the female body?

What if she had a human face and birthed our wisdom traditions in the woods?

As we unwind the conditioned fears of our own power, it’s become clear to me: The Witches Are Back and we are no longer afraid.

Maybe the world won’t be saved by Western Women.

Maybe it will be saved by witches from all over the world birthing a new world order of spiritual magic, celebration, and connection to the natural world.

Let me know in the comments below: Do you identify as a witch? And how did this video make you feel?

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This is why 46% of women struggle to orgasm

I used to believe that everyone was having these crazy porn-style multiple orgasms where they just explode within 2 minutes of penetration…

And like I was the only one struggling to come at all.

Sound familiar?

If you’re struggling to orgasm OR to have the kind of orgasms you truly desire, I’m here to tell you this:

You are NOT broken…

And there’s NOTHING wrong with your body.

There are reasons why you – and 46% of women in general – struggle to orgasm…

And it has nothing to do with how well you perform!

Or which position you choose.

In fact, the real reasons go so much deeper and nobody ever talks about them.

So in today’s video below I’ll shine a light on what’s really going on when you struggle to orgasm so that you can start to invite the full spectrum of orgasmic pleasure into your life.

It’s time that women all over the world get to heal their orgasmic nature.

It’s time for us to learn to be sexual on our own terms.

And to honor the fact that we are deeply sensual, pleasure-filled beings.

To your orgasms,

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3 ways to feel exquisite sensitivity inside your vagina

One of my biggest #lifegoals is to have every woman explore her deep vagina….

And LOVE it.

But let’s be honest, most of the time, once I’ve managed to convince you and you head in there (usually with some fear or disgust or loathing uggggggg)…

Hoping to find, I don’t know, orgasmic unicorns and it’s like:

And then, I hope in a non-creepy way, I’m right there with you saying, “Don’t worry!! This is totally NORMAL! It’s like a garden that’s been neglected. You’ve got to do some work, but it’s not gonna be that one lonely tumbleweed forever in your vagina.”

sexcoach #inspiration

In fact, and I’m totally not full of s**t, if you do some daily, simple practices, you can actually have those rainbow unicorns in your vagina and then it’s all like:

What practices you say?

Well, I’ve got three amazing ones for you today.

But please don’t assume it’s one and done.

If you’ve built up a relationship with your vagina for years and likely decades, it’s not going to change overnight.

It’s a deeper, long-term process, but here is what I can absolutely promise you.

Every single vagina is magic.

Including yours.

Each one has incredible sensitivity that is possible.

You just have to take the time, care enough and stick with it.

But the results are soooooo worth it.

Check out my 3 top practices to build exquisite vaginal sensitivity below

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OMG six years together! (crazy stuff we’ve learned)

In 2018, we broke up.

We navigated through me having a MASSIVE crush on another guy.

We did sex rituals.

We questioned whether this was really “it.”

We fell madly in love.

We argued.

We created space to explore ourselves and our sexuality.

In other words, we are in a relationship.

We’ve been doing our absolute best each and every day to stay true to ourselves and to discover what real love actually is.

I think there is a new kind of relationship emerging for couples who are ready.

It’s something we’re all exploring together as we go and it’s just so helpful to pull the curtain back and hear the real story from the inside!

In this video, we share with you some of the most life-changing and sometimes crazy insights we’ve learned about relationships in the last 6 years.

Hopefully it inspires you in your relationship/s (or in what is possible).

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5 techniques to orgasm quickly

You know, over here I’m in the house of taking it REAL slow.

Slow pleasure. Slow touch. Slow love.

But I get it. Sometimes you want it hot and quick. You want that blue flame in the center of the bliss.

Sometimes their tongue is about to fall off and they are trying so hard.

Sometimes you only have five minutes before the baby starts screaming and the house turns into a dumpster fire.

I got you. I think it’s actually better if you don’t focus on the orgasm, but if I’m being super honest, sometimes even I’m like, “Gimme three orgasms to go and LET’S ROLL.”

Sometimes we want it slow and we’re just being in the moment and sometimes we want it NOW.

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