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Call me a “SLUT” and I won’t care:
here’s why…

What word would you be horrified to be called in public?

Slutty? Cheap? Ugly? Fat?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if no matter what someone called you, you were stable in your worth and confidence?

In the video below I’ll show you how to release fear & shame around trigger words.


Because carrying that fear of how other judge you will make you small, and afraid to shine your bright, beautiful self.

And no matter what you do or say or create: haters gonna hate.

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What will you think of me after watching this video?

Wow, I’m nervous to release this week’s video.

I feel like, “What’s the point of all the sexuality if we aren’t also getting intimate, vulnerable and real with each other?”

So, in this weeks Vlog I’m sharing three things I’m embarrassed or ashamed for you to know about me…to show the power of vulnerability.

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My Sexy Self Love Tool – how to feel sexy in any situation

Back in the day, whenever a cute guy came anywhere near me, I’d have an overwhelming urge to run and hide in the nearest cupboard.


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Why ‘makeup-sex’ feels so good…and how you can have it without a fight first.

I had a massive fight with my boyfriend Andrew recently,

You know … one of those wild ones where you totally lose it screaming and shouting at each other, then both shut down and refuse to talk to each other.

As per usual we made up an hour later by rationally talking through our feelings and needs.

Then when we made love that night it was completely amazing!

Familiar story?

This got me thinking ‘what actually makes makeup-sex so damn amazing?’

Then it came to me…

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How to escape the prison of sexual shame

We’re hitting a fierce target this week: sexual shame.


Because shame is a silent killer of female desire.

I believe it underlies much of the anxiety, misery and numbness in the female body.

You’ve probably experienced shame around your behavior, your sexual choices, your clothing, your make-up, your desire and your passion.

Shame is like an invisible prison that none of us deserve to be in.

That’s why in today’s Vlog, I’m sharing with you the anti-dote to shame, the invisible bar breaker: and it’s not what you think.

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