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My wild Indian Healing Adventure.

Sometimes I wonder if sharing my wilder adventures with you is a good idea.

Will you understand?

Will you still trust me?

Then something much deeper comes from within and says:

What the hell. Life is short.

Be what you are.

And do what it takes to unleash your magnificence on the world.

So I came to this Ayurvedic center in South India because while I was creating and working in New York, there was always this low-level vibration of pain.

If I felt into it, tears would flow and I could recognize it as sadness. But, as I moved about the world busying myself with business and life it showed up more as a heavy tiredness.

I put it on the back burner, promising myself that as soon as I could I’d get the support and attention to really deal with it.

Thus, right after my course launch, my boyfriend and I were off to India: he in the hopes of curing a long-term digestive issue, I in the hopes of finally vanquishing the sadness/tiredness once and for all.

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How to stop falling for bad boys (or girls)

In my life, I’ve experienced this crazy “tale of two men.”

It all started with my biological father being a real jerk.

My step-father, however, was a dream father, always cheering for me, loving me and supporting me.

As I grew up, I found myself continuously drawn to dating two types of men…

One was manipulative, cold, critical and usually abandoned me right when I opened my heart.

The other was unconditionally loving, supportive and basically supported me in all the ways you could ask for in a healthy relationship.

Guess which one I found myself ultra drawn too?

That’s right, the jerk!

It sounds totally unreasonable, but I found the loving ones a little un-interesting and I usually dumped them.

After going deeper into this issue, I discovered that I was running after the cold ones because I didn’t need to prove anything with the good men.

I’d gotten the message early on from my stepfather that grounded and stable men loved and accepted me.

But, my biological father left this unresolved need in me to “prove” that a cold, distant man could do the same.

The craziest part was that chasing those “bad boys” only made me feel loved for a few seconds.

Most of the time I spent drained, needy and in a state of drama.

It took about a decade, and a lot of messing up, but I finally started choosing the good men.

That was less exciting at first, but it left a hell of a lot more room in my heart to build my business, follow my spiritual path and take care of myself and my friends.

It also allowed me to create a deep and lasting love that wasn’t based on my wounds, but my true desires.

So: if you’re still stuck dating bad boys (or girls) over and over again (or know someone who is), I want to share with you what worked for me to undo this nasty habit.

(And the problem doesn’t have to be with your father or mother, it can come from a number of different places, and this video will still apply to you.)

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The secret to being an awesome lover…and EVERY woman can do it

When I pull my boyfriend into bed with me, I don’t want to worry whether I’ll be any good or not.

Lovemaking is an art, and insecurity can destroy the best creativity.

In todays video I’m sharing with you where you can focus your attention…

…so you don’t have to worry and wonder, you can just let yourself go.

As always, this will work regardless of your age or your perceived “hotness.”

Great sexuality has soul in it, and soul is independent of age or shape.

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The map to your ‘Pleasure Zone’

If there was big treasure map pointing to your precious Pleasure Zone…

Where would it be?

Is it some crazy new spot next to the G-spot?!?


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How to feel explosive love with a

Sometimes when I go to hit “publish” on an posts like this…

Posting about “heart-gasms” all over the internet…

It seems a little nuts.

I mean, I probably couldn’t run for public office with this video out there on youtube.

Which, in and of itself is a little insane if you really think about it.

So – why share this technique at all when there are much less provocative things to talk about?

…because the reason these practices have been so shamed is because they are so powerful.

You can actually make more love…real love…in your heart through this basic but beautiful sexuality practice.

And looking around at current affairs right now, I think we all urgently need to understand the power of our humanity to create more love.

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