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My top 3 tips for creating a rocking & empowered sisterhood

My girlfriends mean the world to me,

They have had so much influence in the direction and happiness of my life.

Today I want to share three things we do together to totally supercharge each others lives…

…and how you can use these simple practices to develop even more amazing and enriching relationships with the women in your life.

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4 ways to be a powerful woman without intimidating men


I remember the first time I got hardcore rejected by a boy.

5th grade. Co-ed summer dance.

Peachtree City, Georgia.

Ben didn’t want to dance with me.

He wanted to dance with Breanne.

I didn’t take it well. I was sobbing, whining…why did they always want girls like Breanne?

She was a cheerleader, she had white-hot blonde hair and super short jean-shorts.

As far as I knew, Breanne had never said or done anything remotely controversial in her entire life.

I didn’t understand why no wanted to dance with me just because I was in advanced algebra and won the writing contest with weirdly creative essays.

I thought that was pretty sexy, but Ben didn’t seem to care.

Fast forward ten years and I’d deeply internalized the belief system that you could be powerful and smart or you could be sexy and desireable.

I was still operating on what I’d learned from a 10-year old boy, not on what the men around me actually wanted.

(For all I know, that same belief system might have haunted and blocked Breanne in the opposite, but still limiting way…)

The wild thing is, the world is full of men who only want a powerful, intelligent woman who is sensual and sexy as well…and they are the best kind of men to be with.

But, many of them don’t know how to deal with us and it’s possible to drive them away.

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Does your partner enjoy sex with you?…find out

So todays Vlog might completely horrify you…

or it could help you create a stronger sexual bond with your partner or lovers.

I started using this technique with my current boyfriend and we use it every time we have sex.

I believe our very intimate sexual bond is directly related to this practice.

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NYC Sex Parties…and what I learned from them.

So…what comes to mind when I say sex party?

Eyes-wide shut? 60’s swingers? Overly tanned people in weird tacky “sexy” clothing? Last friday night?

Before I went to my first sex party, I had a lot of pre-conceived notions. I was scared. I thought it might feel weird. I was definitely intrigued.

What I actually discovered about relationships, sex and openness surprised me and has changed the way I view relationships.

Watch todays Vlog below to find out what I discovered at NYC sex parties

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Tantric Sex Vs’ Regular Sex…Do you know the differences?

I made todays video on tantric sex, because sex is like a vast universe.

But you and I weren’t told about all the stars, galaxies and worlds we can travel to in our hearts and with our partners, through our ecstasy.

We certainly didn’t get told about the badass spaceship each of us have to get there.

It’s, yeah, a spaceship in your pants. I totally just went there. ;)

Perhaps you’ve even experienced one of the common struggles with sex: it’s become a little dull…or difficult…or painful. Or you just crave a deeper experience.

How did our greatest source of pleasure and fun become such a place of struggle?

I believe a big part of that is because we’re making love only in a very limited way.

I call this “Regular Sex” and it has been the winner for quite some time.

But Tantric sex and tantra are making a real comeback.

Watch this week’s video below and learn the differences between the two, so you can hop in that special spaceship…and fly….;)

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