Discover secrets to epic sex and lasting passion
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The map to your ‘Pleasure Zone’

If there was big treasure map pointing to your precious Pleasure Zone…

Where would it be?

Is it some crazy new spot next to the G-spot?!?


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How to feel explosive love with a

Sometimes when I go to hit “publish” on an posts like this…

Posting about “heart-gasms” all over the internet…

It seems a little nuts.

I mean, I probably couldn’t run for public office with this video out there on youtube.

Which, in and of itself is a little insane if you really think about it.

So – why share this technique at all when there are much less provocative things to talk about?

…because the reason these practices have been so shamed is because they are so powerful.

You can actually make more love…real love…in your heart through this basic but beautiful sexuality practice.

And looking around at current affairs right now, I think we all urgently need to understand the power of our humanity to create more love.

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The #1 way to magnetize a man…and keep him interested

This type of discussion about “magnetizing a man” can get cheesy really fast.

(Ladies, match that handbag to those shoes! Pronto! Mr. Perfect awaits you!….)

So. None of that. I promise ;)

However, men are truly, delicious, lovely creatures.

I personally love the smell of their worn t-shirts, their ridiculous simplicity, the perfect way I fit into their arms.

And I’ve got a thing for wild brown curly hair. Don’t know why, I just do…

So knowing how to make a man feel good around me, makes me feel good.

Who doesn’t want that effortless sexiness that magnetizes men?

I’ve done it all wrong, and I’ve done it really right….

I’ve spent years observing girlfriends who just drove men wild…

and talking to men about what does it for them.

And I’ve boiled down one thing that makes the biggest difference of all…

…and the cool thing is, any woman can do it.

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Extend your orgasm by ten seconds or more with this simple technique

I studied with a very intense Indian tantric guru for a while in Bali.

During that period, I often begged her to teach me the secrets of the universe.

(Seemed like a good idea at the time ;))

While many of those secrets remain hidden to be discovered,

She did impart to me an amazing gem of wisdom…

…that sound was the key to everything.

Over the last few years I’ve done many experiments with the power of sound and sexuality,

And discovered some pretty amazing ways to enter different levels of sexual pleasure and experience through sound.

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Turn your body on with just a few hip wiggles

All my sensuality was super latent growing up.

I didn’t think I had any.

I assumed that women just got raised to be graceful and sensual, and I wasn’t one of them.

With no one to learn from, I felt doomed to always be awkward on the dance floor.

So imagine my surprise when I did my first Tantric belly-dancing class in my 20’s only to discover that even the tiniest shimmies brought me into a state of ecstasy.

I found that I could erotically turn myself on with nothing more than a few mini-hip wiggles.


That meant my own erotic force didn’t depend on a man, or someone sexually stroking me. It came from within!

So is this just my super power?

No. Every woman can do it.

You know how I know?

Because I’ve watched hundreds of women let loose in workshops.

Usually the most stubborn one, who assure me that everyone else can do it, but “she’s just not like that…’ is the one who winds up having an orgasm from the tiniest movement.

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