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How I get out of my head during sex

Arggghhhhh…you know the feeling….

You want to be having incredible, sexy, luscious sex…

And your mind is blaring at full volume.

Stealing all the goodness with it’s incessant chatter.

I know this well…and with a full-on career and a busy social schedule…

It feels like precious time when I’m finally in bed with Andrew.

So when it’s anything less than fabulous, I feel like freaking out:

Shut-up, mind, just SHUT-UP…

I am trying to have some vagina time RIGHT NOW!!

(Which totally does not help.)

So, I’m sharing with you in this video what does actually work…

It’s pretty amazing how you can turn pretty average or even bad sex…

into something amazing just by getting out of your mind.

Discover my top 3 ways to get out of your head below.

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3 Ways to Practice Tantra Solo

There are lots of myths about Tantra out there…


Myth #1: It’s only about sex.

Truth: Tantra is about so much more than just sex.

My truth: But if all you do is have way better sex, I still think it’s worth it ;)


Myth #2: Tantric sex is about only lying completely still for hours.

Truth: Who made that crazy s**t up?!

My truth: It’s about your inner state, so you can be moving all wild or you can be completely still and be having tantric sex.


Myth #3: Tantra is something you can only do if you have a sexual partner

Truth: A real tantric practice starts with yourself.

My truth: It’s actually easier and a better idea to practice tantra by yourself before getting a partner involved.


In that spirit, I’ve made a video about with 3 tantric practices you can do solo…to experience the exquisite power of tantra…

to experience the exquisite power of tantra…

Discover the powerful practices below.
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My breasts are different sizes – #IamNotAshamed

I recently had a skin checkup where the doctor commented negatively on my body.

As I got home, I felt all this shame rising up inside of me.

And I wanted to talk about body shame and how easy it is to judge and criticize ourselves for “imperfections.”

In this video, I’m sharing with you about one of my body “imperfections” and how I learned to love it. This is part of my #Iamnotashamed series, where I talk about something in my own life that is supposed to be shameful…

This is part of my #Iamnotashamed series, where I talk about something in my own life that is supposed to be shameful…

And by sharing it openly, help to break open the conversation,

So all of us can feel less shame.
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3 Things your vagina secretly wants to tell you

Sometimes sexual empowerment is a serious matter.

Sometimes you have to take risks.

Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty.

For this video, I poured 5 toxic and terribly smelling products onto my vagina.


To prove a point.

And because I love you.

And because life is short.

Watch all the fun below…
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I’m facing a death – here’s what I’m learning

Last Wednesday I was sitting on a chair watching my dad sleep.

He’s in the very late stages of cancer and our family didn’t want him left alone.

I was feeling raw, sad, tired after two weeks of being at home.

I was quietly checking in on a few work things on my laptop.

When I noticed five hate emails pop up one after the other in my inbox.

“Murderer!” screamed one, “no one will ever love you.”

I popped over to my youtube channel to see what the commotion was about…

and realized Andrew had released my video where I talk proudly about having had an abortion.

I make the videos and write the emails…he picks when to release them. I quickly stepped out of the room and called him…

“What made you think this was a good day to release that video?,” I hissed in the most loving possible tone.

“You know I have to be in a good headspace to deal with a tsunami of hate and attacks with grace and compassion and good humor,” I said.

“Oh Shit!,” he said, “So sorry, how could I miss that! I’ll take it down immediately.”

I want to release that video, I’m super proud of it and it’s an important message.

But one battle at a time.


The other night I was lying in bed next to my dad, just being with him.

He woke up from a nap and reached out and held my hand.

I have to mention that technically, he is my step-dad.

Although he came into my life when I was a one year old.

I have to mention this, because the guy who gave me his genes – my biological father…

well, he was a cheater, liar and abuser.

He did his best to mess with me and my mom and then he was gone.

You’ve heard me talk about him.

But the one in my life – the dad who raised me…

He is a model husband and father.

He loved my mom fiercely and true for more than 30 years.

He managed to order her an anniversary present with a gorgeous hand written card from his hospital bed and we still don’t know how.

He raised us kids with love, endless support and kindness.

It has been heartbreaking and brutal to watch him go through this.

Although I can say that I cannot imagine a man being more courageous in his process…

It is…unspeakably hard to see and understand how someone so amazing should have to deal with so much.

As he held my hand, he woke up from his sleep.

He turned to me and said, “You know, business is about making money. But you figured out how to make a business and help people. It’s the way that you help people that impresses me so much. I’m so proud of you for that.”

My dad doesn’t say much.

But those words were everything.

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