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11 Exquisite ways to self-pleasure

Sometimes I like to sit around and think of tag-lines I’ll never use…

“Life is short, so touch your clitoris in original ways.”

That’s basically the theme this week ;)

When you spend beautiful time in self-pleasure trying new things…

you stay really present and alive during your sessions…

and truly are your own best lover.

I find that the way I self-pleasure and connect with my body plays a huge part in how amazing my relationship, my career and my life is!!

When she’s super happy…I naturally light the world on fire.

I share eleven of my original and exquisite moves below…

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My vulva’s imperfect #IAmNotAshamed

Have you ever wanted to truly love your vulva?

Her shape…

Her color…

Her unique character…

It took me a long time to fully embrace my odd shape…

but I’ll share with you how I did it here.

This is part of my #Iamnotashamed series where I talk about things that we’ve been taught to be ashamed of…

so all of us can live with less shame and more love.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below the video!

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How I healed my Vulvodynia

I’ve made a special video to share how I healed (three!) horrible, awful, no good, very bad years with Vulvodynia.

Vulvodynia affects an estimated 20 million women in the United States and hundreds of millions more around the world.*

Many women suffer in shame and silence but this is unfortunately quite common.

While it’s important to have the perspective of your doctor in how to deal with it…

in my experience, what’s really working is holistic approaches that heal the underlying emotional and somatic layers of pain.

In this video, I’m sharing with you the holistic approaches that worked to end pain that I honestly thought I might have to deal with for my entire life.

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My boyfriends fear about his sexual desires

This is Layla’s boyfriend Andrew here…

I want to tell you something that I’m nervous to share publicly.

When I see a beautiful woman walking down the street…

I will often feel a raw sexual desire for her.

I don’t act on this or do anything to let the woman know what I’m thinking

but maybe I look for a little too long…

or quickly glance down at her breasts…

Then I think…can she see the desire in my eyes…

is it disrespectful for me to be thinking that way?

And I feel bad.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot more since the #metoo movement.

I haven’t done any of the things that men like Weinstein have been accused of…

but I’ve certainly imagined doing some of them.

Is that the same thing?!

Layla and I were talking about the #metoo movement last week,

And while happy that we’re finally seeing so much of the unhealthy

and twisted aspects of many men’s sexuality in society being uncovered.

It bought up the question…

What IS a healthy way for men to interact with women around their desires?

And how can men express their raw sexuality…in authentic but healthy ways.

Most men are not brought up with super healthy messages around sex…

we’re not taught how to express our sexual desires freely and safely as children…

so it comes out in unhealthy and repressed ways for many men later on in life.

And with the #metoo movement now bringing to light the all the repressed sexuality out there…

It’s also put uncertainty into the minds of many good men…

Men who are now even unsure when it’s ok to flirt with women.

Layla and I thought this uncertainty being created around men’s sexual desires…

was something so important that we wanted to explore it more.

So we grabbed a camera and made a video for you to start a conversation around…

How to educate men to protect, empower and cherish women without shaming them for their natural desires?

How can men still have a healthy, raw and free sexuality…

while also staying in integrity and treating women with respect and compassion.

watch the video below

and together we can make a positive impact on men’s sexual empowerment.


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How to raise a sexually empowered daughter

I often get the following questions:

“How do I raise my daughter so she doesn’t have to struggle with the same things I did?”

“How do I raise my daughter to love her body?”

“With all the porn out there, how can I teach my daughter to respect herself and to celebrate her authentic sexuality?”

I love, love, love that so many parents are raising their children with a new awareness around sexuality.

And that so many mothers are doing the work themselves, in their own bodies, so their daughters can lead more empowering, confident and sexually celebratory lives.


And these questions can be complicated.

While I am not a mother, I actually focused on sex-education at Stanford and was passionate about changing the way we educate teenagers and children around sexuality.

I’ve combined my education and experience to offer you the best (non-parent’s) guide to raising a sexually empowered daughter below

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