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3 Men Try Penis Massage – For the First Time

I remember the first time I gave Andrew a penis massage…

It was one of our first dates together.

He was grinning like a little kid when I said…

…I’m going to dedicate 40 minutes completely to your pleasure.

It ended up being one of the most memorable experiences he’s ever had…

with little bolts of electricity shooting through his chest for the first time ever.

Men have as much capacity as women to have magical sexual experiences…

they just need the time and attention.

So this week we sent 3 couples home with detailed instructions…

And then asked them to report back on their experiences.

The results were both hilarious and extremely touching!

I knew this video was going to be amazing…

But what surprised me most was how vulnerable the couples got at home on their iphones.

They invite us in for a rare peek into their sex lives.

The intimate moments these couples share are so beautiful.

Please don’t miss this one…

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So She Never Has to Fake Orgasm Again

Ever faked the big ‘O’?

If that was an ‘ahhh yep’…then you’re not alone.

Around 48% of women (and 11% of men) have reported faking an ‘O’.

AND 26% of women report faking their ‘O’ every time they have sex.

Why?!  Because we’ve become so focused on ‘O’…

and not what really, truly matters in lovemaking…

…deep connection and pleasure.

Men are so busy trying to give their partners an ‘O’…

and women are so focused on having one…

that we miss the point altogether and often end up having ‘just average’ sex.

So if you never want to fake an ‘O’ ever again…

(or don’t want your partner to have to fake it)

then keep it ‘real’ by watch today’s video below.

I get SO many questions from women who don’t want to fake it anymore…

but don’t know how to tell their partners.

So I made this video for both men and women, with practical ways to …

1. Never have to fake it again

2. Both experience all the pleasure you desire

3. Be able to be totally honest with each other

Watch the video below
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The Sensual Body Mapping Experience

I’m usually the one that suggests trying different sensual techniques in our relationship.

But this week Andrew decided to surprise me with an exquisite ritual of his own…

His sensual body mapping experience.

(Well to be fair…he found it on the magical internet but then added his own twists to spice it up a little.)

He told me that sensual body mapping is when you explore every single little part of your partner’s body with different types of stimulation…

to discover secret hidden spots that drive your partner wild with pleasure.


So then I thought…

Why not let Andrew make this week’s video explaining this sexy experience in detail to all of us…

and then we can all try it out together.

So in today’s video, he lays it out step by sexy step…

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Pussy Power – 7 Steps to Total Pussy Confidence

There is a lot of talk of pussy power these days.

(Halleluja!! OMG just saying that makes me so grateful to be alive!!)

But what does that really look like?

I’ve been touched that two luminaries,

Dr. Christiane Northrup and Mama Gena…

have both recommended me in their recent New York Time’s bestselling books as a “go-to” teacher for women.

One of the reasons is because I give detailed practices…

I don’t just inspire with philosophy.

I show you step-by-step how to get there.

So in this week’s video, I’m sharing with you 7 practical steps…

to get to total sexual confidence with your pussy!

When I hear about women doing plastic surgery on their vulvas it makes me horrified and sad.

Now, if you want to get plastic surgery or alter your look – I say – do whatever makes you feel good.

But I know this recent movement to alter “down-there” comes from a massive lie…

That there is always something wrong with a woman’s vagina.

She doesn’t look right, she doesn’t smell right, she doesn’t function right, she’s a medical disaster waiting to happen.

Well, I say F…! that.

The way we treat pussy is how we treat women.

And the way a woman treats her vagina is a mirror for how she treats herself.

So, if you want to feel fully personally empowered and confident – start down there.

And if you’re a guy, support your lover to celebrate herself down there.

I’m in love with this video I’m about to share with you …

watching it will make you want to celebrate being a woman…(or being with one!!)

And you’ll learn 7 crucial steps to having total confidence down there.

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How to really truly love all of you – in 7 days

For most of my teenage years on this planet,

I hated almost everything about myself.

I hated my brains…I hated my body…I hated my whole personality.

A combination of early life experiences stripped away all the confidence I naturally had as a small child.

It took years of exploration, integration and deep work for me to find lasting self-love.

And while I haven’t quite reached 100% self-love-ecstasy yet…

(I’m still not madly in love with my neck wrinkles every time I see my video cover photos…but I’m getting there ;)

I now feel totally at home in my body…

And I really see how all the things I used to reject about myself are my greatest gifts.

I also revel in my quirks…like being an enormous nerd, for instance.

And what I found is that when I started experiencing real self-love…

I started radiating a kind of light…and laughed and really lived so much more.

And today I’m going to share the most powerful but amazingly simple practice that got me there.

Check out the powerful practice below.

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