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How to have a magical Tantric kiss

Have we lost the art of an outrageously good makeout session?

Is it always just about the goal of intercourse?

Or a brief kiss before work?

Or a means to an end?


(Insert teenage angst, a playlist + the thrill of that. first. kiss. HERE)

Well, I’ve got for you the most amazing process ever…Tantric Kissing.

Once you experience the magic of Tantric Kissing, your old makeout sessions will feel like scuba diving in a pool…so you don’t want to miss this!

Tantric Kissing brings your makeout sessions to totally new, electric, and elevated levels…

Allowing you to experience flowing orgasmic energy and a communion with the sacred and outrageous passion between you and your beloved kissing partner.

Buckle up, relax, and take flight with this crazy-good + crazy-powerful way to kiss!

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3 men share why they love sacred sex

I didn’t take it personally when so many of you wrote in the last time I released a video that didn’t feature me at all (BUT featured three conscious men instead) saying…

It was “your absolute favorite ever” and “the best video ever posted to YouTube!” 😂

Instead, I brought back another three men to share with you how sacred sex changed their lives in today’s video below.


Because a lot of guys are super resistant to learning about sacred sex.

I talk to them all the time and they share, “If it’s not broken, why fix it?”

And also because so many men are programmed to believe that they have to perform in bed, they have to give their lover like 100 orgasms and last just the right amount of time and have a rock-hard erection forever…

And with all that pressure already happening…

Who wants to add the additional pressure of having to make it sacred too???

Also, when I say “sacred sex,” I think a lot of guys imagine the cheesiest, lamest Hollywood romantic sex scene with a lot of long, slow looks, rose petals, and tears…

But, now, also featuring HARD WORK, more talking, and lasting EVEN LONGER.

So, suffice to say a lot of guys are like, “Sacred sex? No thanks.”

But what we wanted to tell you today is that whatever you call it – Sacred Sex, Conscious Sex, Woke Sex, Tantra…

It’s actually the most incredible thing a human can experience.

It’s not cheesy, it’s not hard work, it’s not more pressure….

It’s like taking 10 MDMA pills and feeling more ecstasy, connection, pleasure, and power than you could ever imagine…

With no hangover.

Sacred sex is whatever you make of it, but think of it like the sex you’re having now except 100 times better in technicolor.

Watch how sacred sex changed the lives of these 3 men below.

Here’s to more soul-shakingly connected, Tantric, and sacred sex for all!

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Learn eye-gazing for more mind-blowing sex

When I was 21 years old in college, I still had never had an orgasm.

I grew up Catholic, had experienced childhood sexual abuse, and hated my body…so the odds were pretty stacked against me when it came to experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm….

My friends would describe their experiences of blissful pleasure and I’d be half-jealous and half-bitter (the best combination if you want to feel terrible about yourself and others!!)….

Then I started dating this guy who had already graduated and had his own tutoring company and smoked a lot of pot and drove me around on his motorcycle in the Palo Alto hills.

He wasn’t like, an incredible lover or anything, but he looked me in the eyes.

Like, deeply in the eyes while touching me and making love.

At first I was shy, then a bit freaked out, then a little nauseous…until I thought, “Why the hell am I so scared to look at him when he is actually literally inside of me?”

So one afternoon, I got up the courage to look straight back at him as he touched me.

And as I connected with him, I felt his love. I felt his soul. I felt his humanity connecting with mine…

And all of a sudden an orgasm rushed through me!!!

We weren’t in our own worlds doing our own things…we were two soft human beings on the most intimate journey two people can take…together.

That’s the power of eye-gazing.

I always say my deepest desire is to be at one with my love at the height of our pleasure…and the key way we do that is through our eyes.

If you don’t ever do eye-gazing, you can live in your own separate worlds no matter how connected you make your bodies….

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I got 7 pussy massages in a row… and this happened

When Andrew got really excited about giving me 7 pussy massages in a row to see what happened…

I sighed and was like, “Okay, but only for the benefit of the world.”

JUST KIDDING…I cried with joy.

And then immediately became resistant.

Anyways…we did it!!!

(I seriously only fell asleep ONCE during the massages. So #champion.)

Watch all the mind-blowing things we experienced in the video below
We captured before and after moments from each massage on camera…

and WOW…some were profoundly deep and some were just downright hilarious.

There was healing, ecstasy, laughter, tears, (sleep) and everything in-between!
And we share it all raw and openly with you below.


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7 steps to reach multiorgasmic states (for you and a partner)

Today I want to talk to you about something that your lover might be doing that they think is helpful…

But actually isn’t.

Have you ever had a lover say, “I really want to give you an orgasm”?


It seems so kind, so helpful, so wonderful…

But it’s actually SO MUCH PRESSURE.

And pressure actually makes orgasm way less likely to happen.

It puts a goal on the situation and that takes you out of the moment.

Besides, you know what’s way better than a climax*?

(*No, it’s definitely NOT a gluten-free maple-sweetened cupcake.)

It’s being in a multiorgasmic state!

When a woman gets pressured to have an orgasm, she’ll likely either just shut down, fake it, or have a short climax.

But when she’s supported in her full pleasure, she can enter what’s called a “multiorgasmic state.” It’s like an orgasmic experience that goes on and on and on in a super beautiful, really deep way.

If you’re a woman, then this video will help you understand how to not put pressure on yourself and how to talk to your lover about not pressuring you – so you really can sit back, relax, and fully enjoy the ride.

And if you make love with women, then this video will show you how to support her to unlock a much, much deeper experience of ecstasy and pleasure that most people don’t talk about.

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