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Electric Yoga For The Pussy

I’ve never been in a regular yoga class where the teacher tells you…

“Ok, now breathe into your pussy.”

Unfortunately, the vagina seems like the forgotten body part of most yoga.

But WOW…

what wonders she delivers you when you put just a little focus on her during your practice.

It can turn a regular yoga practice…

into something super sensual, alive and magical.

So in this weeks Vlog I’m sharing with you 3 simple asanas…

where you can involve the vagina to totally electrify your yoga practice.

You can add this into any regular class you’re doing (no one will ever suspect the magic you’re experiencing ;)

You’ll finish your practice way more energized & crackling with sexual vitality and radiance…

Have fun!

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My 3 Favorite Spiritual Sex Toys – and how to unlock their magic

Spiritual sex toys….

Is there anything else so fundamentally rebellious as the expression: Sacred Sex?

Now I know the term can sound a bit vague…and even, if we’re honest…a “little” cheesy…

But the experience…OH THE EXPERIENCE!!

To have sacred sex means to experience all that we usually reserve for “the sacred”

Think…overwhelming gratitude…

Majestical awe…

Intimate prayer…

Ecstatic union….

All during lovemaking.

In fact, sex makes experiencing these things more possible if you know what you’re doing*

(*please see my youtube channel for further guidance ;)

And you don’t even need a partner…you can do it all by yourself.

Yes, that means sacred masturbation…

which is probably even MORE rebellious.

To practice sacred masturbation means to play with it all…to experience healing…awakening…trauma release…

And ultimately…holyfreakingamazing ecstatic connection to truth and freedom.

Yes, you can put your hands in your pants and just get your rocks off…

Or you can put your hands down your pants and get seriously, wildly, electrically high on life.

I like both, but I prefer the latter.

So In celebration of all that is possible in masturbation, I have shared with you my 3 Favorite Spiritual Sex Toys and how to unlock their magic below.

To your sacred masturbation ❤️️

Love, Layla

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The Nice Girl’s Guide to Being a Bitch

I’m super proud of this video I’m about to share with you…

It’s super potent and really relevant to staying powerful as a woman right now.

I’m talking about fully owning your Bitch and why it’s so important.

(Full word removed due to pesky spam filters ;)

But more than that, I’m talking about how you can be a nice girl AND a Bitch

For far too long, we’ve gotten the message that we have to choose…

You’re either nice OR you’re a Bitch

You either smart OR you’re sexy.

Your either fierce OR you’re soft.

Well I’m here to tell you that you can be both!

Being a Bitch gives you life.

It empowers you to stand up for yourself, your space, your being, and everything about you.

She’s the one who sets her own boundaries and says…

this is my life, this is what I need.

YES, you can be a huge Bitch AND super sweet.

Find out why the two go together like chocolate and strawberries in todays video below:

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Don’t have sex again until you watch this.

today I want to talk to you about the kind of sex that leaves you stunned…

looking at your lover like, “you just found the holy grail of my body.”

(or you just rocked my entire world).

There’s a way to get there tonight…

with yourself…or with your partner.

And it’s by using a technique called, edging…

I knew this technique had gone mainstream when my video guy said he and his girlfriend had been doing it for months…

…and that they were hooked.

They are having mind-blowing, body-shaking sex AND they fell more and more in love.

And it all comes down to one basic pleasure principle…

Mastering the build-up.

You keep building…

And keep building…

And when you think you can’t possibly hold out anymore…

You back down from the edge.

But whatever you do, don’t climax!!

Because the longer you wait…

The better it gets.

And eventually you’re gonna have that OH.MY.F#$%KING.GOD kinda orgasm.

And in our instant gratification culture – edging is the new sex move.

Find out how it can maximize your pleasure…or time with your lover in this week’s vlog below.

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3 Steps to experience sublime cervical orgasms

One of my best friends pulled me aside a few months ago at an event…

“Layla…,” she whispered into my ear….

“Can you tell me how to have a cervical orgasm?”

And I stopped what I was doing and explained it to her step-by-step.

(Because that’s the kind of friend I am ;))

And one week later she came over to my house crying…

“It was so so beautiful,” she said.

What did I share with her?

I’ll tell you all about it in this weeks video below.

These steps work alone or with a partner…enjoy!

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