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Connecting your cervix and heart for better sex

Sometimes I will be making love with Andrew…

And I’ll just feel…off.

I’m sure you know that feeling when you think you should have unicorn rainbow butterfly kittens spouting from your nether regions…

…and you’ve got crickets singing a sad song instead.

One of the quickest fixes I know of is to start focusing on my heart…

It’s super effective because your heart is intimately connected to your cervix.

In today’s video below, I’m sharing with you all about why the cervix and heart are connected…

And how you can use this connection to super-charge your experience of pleasure.
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#MeToo – 3 profound ways to end sexual harassment.

It’s a rare moment when you can cheer along to new stories these days.

Usually, if you’re like me, reading the news, especially lately has been…

Oh god, WHY!!?!

But watching men who abused and violated women for decades…

finally face actual, real consequences in their lives and careers?


It’s time.

This is just the beginning.

Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes…and many, many more.

It is a proud time when we can finally say:

It doesn’t matter how rich or powerful you are: you cannot abuse women with impunity.


And this is just the beginning of the tremendous amount of work that needs to be done to finally get us to justice.

We have a ways to go before women and children experience genuine safety from harassment and violence in our society.

AND I feel that the conversation in the media has been limited.

In today’s video have some less popular but powerful thoughts to add on the subject…

Check them out below.

If you’ve been through rape, trauma, harassment and/or abuse, you are safe here.

This is a home.

This is a platform where we create real empowerment and change.

And this is just the beginning.

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This is how I had my first orgasm

Hi [First Name],

When I was in college, my friends would describe what their “O’s” were like…

and they basically sounded like this:

And I would think about my experiences, which basically felt like this:

Now, I’m a big believer in many, many different types of “O’s.”

There are big ones, little ones, volcanic ones, oceanic ones, river ones…

“OMG I’m one with the Buddha ones,” “meh ones” … basically an infinite number.

BUT one thing we want is a sense of having “gone there.”

Having our minds blown and/or our bodies elevated to a level of pleasure-magic.

And at the age of 21, I had still not gone there.

Until one day, lying on my boyfriend’s living room carpet (yes! it really happened like that!)…


And never looked back…

I want to share with you the surprising thing I learned how to do…

that got me my first “O.”

This powerful little insight can help you if you’ve never had an “O”…

OR if you already have “O”‘s but want them more frequently or during intercourse.

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5 ways to keep your pussy purring (meow)

Hi [First Name],

You know how doctors are now saying that you have a 2nd brain in your gut?

Well, I’m here to say you have a 3rd brain…

In your pussy.

Looking after her properly, is as important to your health and happiness…

as taking care of your body or your digestive health.

I call this “sexual self-care”

It’s uniquely important…

And most women have never tried it!

How you feel about her and speak to her actually affects how much pleasure you feel

And how good you feel in your body.

But we’ve gotten so many terrible messages about her.

So it takes some effort to really turn around and love her like she deserves.

That’s why I made today’s video, to share with you the 5 ways that I shower her with celebration and joy.

Discover how a healthy pussy = a happier you.

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Losing my dad to cancer ❤️

I had a heart-wrenching summer…

After several years with cancer, my Dad finally passed away last month.

Even though it was hard, it was also profoundly beautiful.

It affected me so deeply that I really wanted to share the experience with you.

Sometimes blessings come in the strangest places.

Sometimes you can love more than you ever thought possible.

Here is to the celebration of life that death makes so real.

I love you.

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