The Sexy Revolution is for you

Want to live your life feeling totally beautiful, totally hot and totally on fire?

Would you like your gorgeous, feminine and sexy self to shine through in everything that you do?

…well then you’re home!

Hi I’m Layla Martin and I created The Sexy Revolution as a community and playground to empower you to be all of who you are – powerfully, unabashedly and pleasurably.

Embracing your sexuality can help you love and connect more with your body, pleasurably heal from any sexual trauma and abuse or know deep down inside how completely amazing and sexy you really are.

This is a space not only to be inspired, but a place of practical tools based on real science and ancient Tantric and Taoist traditions that you can use in your daily life to bring immediate self-love.

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About Layla Martin

layla martin

When you meet me it can be easy to think: Oh, she must have been born like this: naturally joyful and so full of pleasure.

The truth is that I experienced massive sexual trauma and abuse growing up and up until my early adult life I could hardly feel anything emotionally.

I didn’t go out looking to be a sexuality teacher, or even a Tantra teacher: I wanted to be alive. Totally alive and embracive of myself as a woman. I wanted sex to mean more, I wanted to feel more and I wanted to know the divine in every cell of my body.

Perhaps because I experienced what it was to have some of my light and self-worth taken from me, I came to value it massively.

It felt like there was this “okay” model of sexual healing – I was doing great if I ended up feeling okay about sex and myself and that just wasn’t good enough for me – I wanted it all: a beautiful freedom of sexy swagger, sensual pleasure, grounded safety and the occasional pirate adventure full of swearing and danger. I wanted to be every aspect of the feminine in full force.

It wasn’t easy – many many years of dedicated spiritual practice and personal growth got me my feelings back, and at first they were really unpleasant and nasty. Slowly, however, a rush of life returned to my body.

I began to have ecstasy at my fingertips and bliss on tap in my life. I no longer hated myself – I fell completely in love with being alive. I did this through systematic practices from the Tantric and Taoist tradition designed especially for women.

What got me through some of the hardest moments was the possibility that if I got through it, I could say, without a doubt, that no matter what you’ve been through or where you are now as a woman – pleasure is possible.

Total love and self-acceptance is possible. And there are awesome, beautiful and fun tools to help you return to that path over and over again until it is who you are.

My life journey is about offering you these practices and inspiration so that, you too, can be so full of life and your own truth that you are thrilled to be here, every moment. That you can rest authentically within yourself, and have a damn sexy time doing so.

I am here because I love women, every single part of them, and I want to be in a world full of empowering, inspiring and sexy women and I know that you are one of them.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, then I invite you to join me and all the other fantastic women in this Sexy Revolution.