3 men share why they love sacred sex

I didn’t take it personally when so many of you wrote in the last time I released a video that didn’t feature me at all (BUT featured three conscious men instead) saying…

It was “your absolute favorite ever” and “the best video ever posted to YouTube!” 😂

Instead, I brought back another three men to share with you how sacred sex changed their lives in today’s video below.


Because a lot of guys are super resistant to learning about sacred sex.

I talk to them all the time and they share, “If it’s not broken, why fix it?”

And also because so many men are programmed to believe that they have to perform in bed, they have to give their lover like 100 orgasms and last just the right amount of time and have a rock-hard erection forever…

And with all that pressure already happening…

Who wants to add the additional pressure of having to make it sacred too???

Also, when I say “sacred sex,” I think a lot of guys imagine the cheesiest, lamest Hollywood romantic sex scene with a lot of long, slow looks, rose petals, and tears…

But, now, also featuring HARD WORK, more talking, and lasting EVEN LONGER.

So, suffice to say a lot of guys are like, “Sacred sex? No thanks.”

But what we wanted to tell you today is that whatever you call it – Sacred Sex, Conscious Sex, Woke Sex, Tantra…

It’s actually the most incredible thing a human can experience.

It’s not cheesy, it’s not hard work, it’s not more pressure….

It’s like taking 10 MDMA pills and feeling more ecstasy, connection, pleasure, and power than you could ever imagine…

With no hangover.

Sacred sex is whatever you make of it, but think of it like the sex you’re having now except 100 times better in technicolor.

Watch how sacred sex changed the lives of these 3 men below.

Here’s to more soul-shakingly connected, Tantric, and sacred sex for all!

Hit reply and let me know (or post in the comments): how has sacred sex changed your life?

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