Do you see how beautiful you are?

Whenever I would see photos or videos of myself…

Or even just catch myself in the mirror…

I would get this sinking feeling…and here these harsh voices…

“You aren’t beautiful enough. You aren’t perfect enough. You aren’t…enough.”

And that tied into a fear that I wasn’t desirable or loveable…

And I’d have this sinking, terrible feeling of horror.

Ug, ug, ug.

Can you relate in any way?

The saddest thing was I wasn’t just rejecting my beauty…

But that all the unworthiness I felt because of it seeped into every area of my life.

The friends I felt I deserved.

The relationship I felt I deserved.

The money and career I felt I deserved.

Because I rejected my beauty, I rejected a core part of myself.

And my whole life suffered as a result.

How can you feel worthy if you don’t see your own beauty?

And we’ve been taught by patriarchy that beauty is only in youth and “perfection”…

And that is total BS.

Because there are plenty of young and perfect people who lack any real beauty

Because beauty really is an essence, a radiance, a core illumination that everyone has access too.

I finally started to see my own beauty in photos and film and in the mirror.

But it didn’t happen overnight, it took years of dedicated practices.

I’m going to share the ones that really made a difference for you in today’s video.

So much love and reverence to your beauty.