Energy Orgasm – How to give a full body orgasm without even touching.

Energy Orgasm Layla Martin

After filming this Vlog, my videographer said it was one of the most magnificent things he’d ever seen…in his whole life.

The other people in the room stood in silent awe.

What was happening?

I was showing how it is possible to give a woman an energy orgasm without even touching her.

I’m so excited to share it with you, but either watch it by yourself or with headphones, because it starts out pretty full-on!

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  • Leahanne Woods Smith

    That was so great! Thank you!

    • Layla Martin

      Thanks for watching, Leahanne! I was so nervous to release this video, but I feel like it’s really important to get it out there.

  • Rosa Eve

    I don’t even know explain how I felt seeing this video. It start with all my body in goose-pump and end it in tears. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. This is magnificent.

    • Layla Martin

      Wow, Rosa! Thank you for sharing that…I’m really touched.

  • Iris Bieri

    This is fantastic! Thank you so much for your brave leap of faith in sharing this video! I appreciate how this must have been a hugely vulnerable thing to do for both of you. I have experienced energy orgasms a couple of times by myself, but never with a partner. I can only imagine how amazing that would be.

    • Layla Martin

      Thank you, Iris! That’s so beautiful that you experience energy orgasms by yourself – I feel like they are such sources of life for me and I love knowing that other women are experiencing it as well. Since you can already go there it will be easier to guide your partner (when you have one) to be able to support you through it. Love, Layla

  • I absolutely loved this video. Hmmm just to get to witness this beautiful woman in her surrendering. Lovely. I look forward to playing with this. Are you planning on a video that goes into this more in detail?
    You are so brave Layla. Thank you so much for sharing this. :)

    • Layla Martin

      Thank you, Leonie! I’d love to do a more detailed video: this one was more detailed originally, but we went with brevity, so in the future I’ll make a more instructional one to go with it. Love, Layla

  • Krista Steenbergen

    Very beautiful layla! Youre such a rockstar pionier! Makes me wonder if she is already orgasmic and if you can do this with people without experience? Much love!

    Ps. I highly recommend doing any course with layla, she is an amazing guide, and works very personal even though its virtual she feels very close guiding me through the process. Im on fire every day because of her exercises.

    • Layla Martin

      Ahh, Krista, thank you! So, when I make these videos it damn near breaks my heart but we edit out about %80 of what I originally say, because otherwise it’d be a 30 min video every time…and what happens with a woman who is not fully orgasmic, or even very in touch with her orgasmic nature is that this process can actually allow her to open very deeply and if she does it regularly, it can help to move blockages and fears around being fully sexually open. When I used to give these sessions regularly to clients, I would find that they were deeply healing no matter how open a woman was, and some who had never experienced deep orgasm or energy states sometimes did have full-on experiences with this. Others experienced deep healing. I have led a couple of workshops with 40+ people doing this in a room, and over the course of a few days of working with this technique many women felt that they were profoundly opened through a process of doing it regularly. So, whether a woman has a full body orgasm or not, it’s still a really valuable tool for putting her in touch with her deep sexual capacity and doing any healing necessary to really anchor into that.

      • Krista Steenbergen

        Beautiful I can feel what you say. thank you for sharing. I wonder if it’s different for men because Ive experienced them going into bliss like this just the same. Do you think men and women differ in this? <3 What's your experience? much love sexy cookie!

      • i have worked with many men doing this… moving the energy up before coming a few times leads to ecstatic full body orgasms that border on spiritual experiences~ beautiful~

  • Hilary

    This is so awesome, thank you so much Layla for bringing this awareness out into the world! I’ve experienced spontaneous self-made energy orgasms two times and both times i couldn’t believe what was happening to me. The first time I was in Thailand in my little bungalow, and I had a frangipani flower (my favorite!) that i just casually began twisting around between my thumb and index finger. i began “waving” it up and down my body, following my instincts. it turned my energy and my sexuality on so much i couldn’t believe it. i had a prolonged full body orgasm and squirted, totally hands free! The second time this happened was spontaneous too… i randomly began using my fingers to “play” in my energy body… i remember feeling like my fingers were playing an imaginary harp that was placed several inches from my body. as i kept playing and plucking the imaginary strings, my energy was building and i was becoming turned on, and after a while i had a full body orgasm with squirting. Much love to you Layla & sisters!!! <3

    • Layla Martin

      Ooooohhhh…such beautiful descriptions…and so inspiring…thank you, Hilary!! It is so wonderful what is possible for us…Love, Layla

    • Apollo Kilbride

      lol… Thanks for your inspiring graphic sharing Hilary! .. Something to aspire to for us mere mortals here, ;-) More power (and love) to you!

  • Do Kribben

    Awesome, Layla! Can you also do this to yourself? Do you have any tips for that? Much love!

    • Layla Martin

      Hi Do, Yes, there is a self-practice where you do this by yourself: you do the body meditation, and then the breathing, feeling and sounding on your own. I like doing it with myself, and I find it’s deeper with a partner, but still meaningful and effective alone. Love, Layla

  • Jan Newport

    I cried because I have never experienced anything like this, and I want to so badly! I have never had an orgasm with a man, and only very brief ones with myself, so would love to have this experience. Being 60, sometimes I wonder if I have the ability.

    • Layla Martin

      Hi Jan,
      Thank you for sharing your vulnerability. I have worked with women 60+ who have experienced their first orgasms, and their first orgasms with partners, and who continue to deepen and expand their sexuality – so it is most definitely possible at any age. Dr. Christiane Northrup talked about this – she had a huge sexual awakening after menopause and I was really inspired by that. Love, Layla

  • Threza Schlenkrich

    That was soooooooo beautiful to watch, I love it and it made me cry!!

    • Layla Martin

      I’m really touched by that – thank you, Threza! Love, Layla

  • Yogaguerilla

    Beautiful… There is a lot of trust there. Similar experiences for me have only been alone…. I’d love to have that kind of trust with a person to just let go! Especially in this non sexual way. Thanks for being brave!!

  • Marina Fick

    You are a truly divine Goddess beautiful Layla I love that you share so openly even watching that woman go into these blissful full body orgasm and being honoured so beautifully touched something deeply inside of me it made me realise how I crave so much more of that and wish I had someone to witness and facilitate me in that way so very beautiful feminine joyous and sensually alive. I love what you bring to us all thank you <3 bless you Layla <3

    • Layla Martin

      Thank you Marina…It warms my heart to hear that it woke up a desire in your to be held more deeply by a beloved – may that desire be fulfilled for you many times over! Love, Layla

      • Marina Fick

        Thank you beautiful soul woman <3

  • Leisa Porteous-Semple

    So beautiful Layla. Absolutely gorgeous video (as per usual). <3

  • alicia

    this is really interesting I have seen videos like this on you tube but was sceptical- but this time it is LAYLA!!!! (It’s more brave of the woman experiencing – no one has commented on that part!) that’s a lot of trust from the woman….. and can this be abused – energy work I mean ?(not that you would layla) and do you plan to come to EUROPE!!! then we can take part xxxx

    • Apollo Kilbride

      Yay! .. and don’t forget Ireland too .. x

  • nu falcon-era

    thank you for this,because i thought that only me could do it till now !!!

  • Lucy Rowett

    Oh Layla thank you! Thank you for bringing this more into the mainstream, so more people can see the enormous healing power of the full body orgasm. I have experienced close to this, but never a full one, I don’t think I have found the right person/facilitator to hold the space for me. When I was working together with a man I noticed that my body started shifting and I started laughing as a release, just the energy working it’s way up. It is so profoundly healing, and watching this video has reaffirmed my search to find someone to hold this space for me. Thank you Layla <3

  • Eileen Lev

    layla….i am 62 and single, and have been reading you and watching you for the past ….year? how long….anyways…this video awakened in me the desire to try bits of what you did together, so i self pleasured while “breathing into my pelvic floor” (and i have to admit that i didn’t even know where my pelvic floor was or what it was….excuse me…) but as soon as i gave that intention to myself, zoom….my breath knew where it was ! an my pelvic floor loved having breath poured into it! so it was quite the wild experience and very energizing and exciting….so i decided to share with you and all the other women here….you are doing very important work. i am very grateful to every “tip you share with us, and i have experienced the truth of the sexy revolution (though i did not receive “guidance” that i must carry it to the world, good you did!) and i pray each day to also find the right partner to experiment with the many ideas you have so honestly and openly shared with us…thank you thank you thank you

  • Erika

    Hooraay! Yeah! So amazing. Thank you for sharing your wisdom Layla, and letting us know we all have this incredible capacity within ourselves. But I wonder… What about the guys… Can they also do this? Or a similar thing? I know you don’t work “with men”, but I’m so curious as I’m on this path of awakening my sexuality , and I want to offer my partner a way to do so too. Who works with men?
    Thank you for your work and for putting it on the internet for all of us to learn, share and give back.

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  • Lyn Gilbert

    Dear Heart: I watched this video in tears….I’ve self-pleasured for many years but have never experienced this….its a long story, suffice it to say it took me many years post-divorce to even admit that I’d never experienced the full-body orgasm. You are a beautiful, caring and wise soul who is helping so many women and I would love to learn more….thank you for all that you are doing…

    All Love
    Padme A’Tea (Lyn Gilbert)

  • Valerie

    This was amazing thank you for sharing!! I have trouble with oragasims, and the only time I get a full release with that is if I am pleasuring myself with a vibrator. Again thanks for sharing not this experience it’s amazing what the body can do :)

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  • fayster

    When you administer this (for lack of a better term)…do you end up drained of energy? My lover has done this to me but is afterwards totally drained. Is there a way to prevent this?

    • Layla Martin

      Hi fayster,
      No, I actually get a lot of energy from doing this: it’s invigorating. Perhaps your lover is “giving energy” to you and then they feel drained. The approach matters: I don’t feel like I’m giving energy, I’m just allowing the energy of the receiver in it’s fullness, and in allowing theirs, I allow mine and then it feels like more and more energy. So maybe see if he has a belief about that he can change. Love, Layla

  • Ester

    This video super,when i watch it,i if feel that my body starts shaking i want to try it,really its so powerfull? but i think i dont know how to do it,i want to try with my partner,but can i do it also same to my partner,i want also it feels same like this woman in this video..Thank you so much for this video and for this you have this amazing homepage like this.

  • Jose Sanchez

    im a guy and Ive experienced this before, so I know its legit. i think I experience it because i am highly sensitive and empathic to energy!