6 Steps to Fabulous Pleasurable Breasts

In case you hadn’t heard, I’ve been battling a terrible tropical virus called Chikungunya that I picked up in Bali.

Its been one of the most challenging 6 weeks of my life.

I’ve just recently gotten much, much better…

but you know how strong illnesses can really mess with your head?

When I started to film this Vlog, I had so many crazy thoughts in my mind.

“Maybe Chikungunya ate my brain and I no longer have the memory to make Vlogs”

“This illness has stolen my charisma, my confidence, my love…I have nothing left to give…”

So, I combined the two best ways in the universe to overcome obstacles:

I did a body meditation…

and then I sang “Eye of the Tiger” (very  poorly) at the top of my lungs

while pointing at my imaginary adoring audience of screaming fans.

Then I sat down and I started to film.

You’ll notice in this video, I start out a bit slow, cautious.

Then at some point, the Mojo just kicks in.

And there is a fire, a point, a beauty coming through.

2015 is the year of the Mojo kicking in.

For you and for me.

No matter what crazy thoughts you have, what kind of self-doubts…

It’s the year where that shit just doesn’t matter as much and your genius shines through anyhow.

On that note, this Vlog will show you 6 ways to have fabulous and pleasurable breasts.

Because regular breast care, will give you a hot sensuality and a sweet, powerful heart.

If you’re into that, then this Vlog is for you.

When you’re done watching, head on down the comments section (it’s our new, improved system – don’t be scared!!) and let me know which of the breast care steps you’ll be adopting this year.

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P.S. Due to being ill, I have gotten WAY behind on emails and I am going through them all now. If you have written and not gotten a response, I will get to you!