How to turn up the pleasure volume during sex

Have you ever caught yourself during sex asking, is this all there is? Why don’t I feel more?

Maybe you can even remember a time when sex was awesome, and now it feels like a chore.

This happened in one of my relationships – I had a great guy who completely loved me and from the outside it seemed like I should have been having the best sex of my life.

But on the inside, I was dying, because for years during sex due to past traumas and my own insecurities I couldn’t feel a thing.

It took me a lot of time to learn how to get that sensitivity back and now I work with so many women who say that, for many different reasons, they don’t feel very much during sex.

So If you want to know lasting and simple ways to get that sensational sensitivity back in bed and go from feeling blah to bliss then watch this video now…

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