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How to touch a woman’s breasts – to drive her wild with pleasure.

breast massage

I have recently uncovered one of the strangest mis-understandings between men and women.

Over and over again, in private, women ask me:

“How can I tell a man what I want in bed without emasculating him or making him feel like he isn’t satisfying me?”

While, over and over again, in private, men ask me:

“How can I be a more amazing lover? Tell me anything and how to do it – and I’ll totally start right away!!!”

It seems that women are walking on egg-shells around their desire, afraid of damaging the “fragile” male sexual ego by saying what they really want…

While men are aiming to please their partners – hungry and curious for anything that will serve them in their quest to be more amazing lovers…

One of those spots that women don’t seem to speak up about?


Most women love having their breasts played with in sensual ways, but haven’t been willing to tell their partners what they desire.

Since breasts are such an important part of any good love-making experience…

I’ve made this video just for you to find out how to touch a woman’s breasts in the most pleasurable way.

Discover how to touch a woman’s breast to drive her wild with pleasure below.
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Tantra 101 – Sex, Love and Spirituality


When I first became obsessed with Tantra at the age of eighteen I pretty much expected everyone to share my obsession.

I felt like I had personally discovered the answer to everything.

I mean, a path that allows you to feel lit up from the inside out with bliss and freedom?

A path that lets you feel love streaming through your body and heart into everything?

A path that lets you have all that AND success, fame, money and incredible sex?

Who wouldn’t want to run with joy and abandon down that path??

So I couldn’t understand why EVERYBODY wasn’t as obsessed with Tantra as I was.

At first I thought those that weren’t interested were bat-shit crazy…

but then I realized it’s more simple than that.

People might not love where they are at: but at least it’s comfortable.

The things they’ve believed since childhood might cage them, limit them, keep them unhappy…

But at least they are familiar.

Tantra isn’t familiar.

In fact, it can be downright scary.

Because you don’t get all of that freedom and bliss without a price.

And the price is only your habits, your stories and your way of seeing reality…

But most people aren’t willing to give that up.

It’s too…unknown…

Well, I consider part of what I do is to make that unknown just a little less scary and a little more real.

Because the chance is worth it…

That’s why it’s so important to me to share this vital information with you.

Discover the beauty and magic of Tantra below.

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My STD Story – #IAmNotAshamed


I was running two weeks ago and I got one of those moments of truth and clarity that swept through me like a river….

I saw so clearly that:

The biggest force holding you and me back from our own greatness…

The biggest force pinning down the total awesome potential of our relationships…

The biggest force repressing the magnificence of our sexuality…

Is shame.

Shame, as Brene Brown says, is one of the most toxic, destructive and lethal things.

It makes us feel unworthy of love and belonging.

And when it comes to sexuality and the body, oh mama, do we have a s***load of it!!

So, as I was running, I asked myself, “How can we all have less shame?”

“What can I do to lessen this burden on all of us?”

It was so clear to me that shame only exists in the shadows…

When we all collectively agree that it shouldn’t be spoken about because it’s so…shameful…

So I decided to make a series of videos where I share with you my own personal experience of something that society says “should be shameful.”

But I’m gonna look everyone in the eye and share it with openness and vulnerability.

So, if you’ve been where I’ve been, you can jump in and feel less shame.

This weeks topic?

My STD!!

Oh wow, so many people write me so full of shame and fear around having an STD.

And you know what’s craaaazzzyyyy?

I literally do not know a single person who has never had an STD.

And I know a lotta people.

We’ve all been there.

But I’m not gonna give you the overview, or the medical perspective, I’m just gonna tell you what I had, and what it was like.

“Cause I had an STD.

And #IAmNotAshamed
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Porn: The Good, Bad and Ugly


I’ll be honest and say that porn hasn’t really been a big thing in my life.

I mean, once in a blue moon I’ll search something up on the internet.

And once I had a look at my ex-boyfriend’s saved files.

And there were those times in high school…

where we would ditch last period, get stoned and have “porn-afternoons”….

And even though it’s thrilling, I also find myself wondering…

“how did that woman feel when she went home after that day of filming” and I never feel super awesome in my stomach afterwards.

BUT I know that porn plays a HUGE role in our society.

It is literally shaping the way we make love.

It is a daily thing for hundreds of millions (billions?) of people.

It creates stress, toxicity and distrust in many relationships.

And loads of people LOVE it.

So, I thought it was time to take a good look at porn.

Not from a right/wrong sort of angle. Just an…open conversation.

An existential curiosity about…porn.

The good, the bad and the ugly.
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A Fun Tantric Experience – You Can Try Tonight


The whole reason that I do what I do is that….

I LOVE it when you get a taste of your own sexual bliss…

I LOVE when you get lost in ecstasy….

I LOVE when you remember that existence is crazy, wild & exuberant when you just scratch a tiny bit beneath the “normal” surface.

Those experiences are possible the more that you DO the things that get you there rather than talk about them.

So I made a detailed Tantric experience that you can try tonight.

I not only describe this simple practice in the video below, But I’ve also made an additional 15 minute follow along practice video for you to do with your partner tonight…or any other night.

It’s an exquisite practice, and it really helps you understand “What is Tantra?”

Because Tantra is to be experienced as much as anything else.

Have a fabulous night!! ;)
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