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A Fun Tantric Experience – You Can Try Tonight


The whole reason that I do what I do is that….

I LOVE it when you get a taste of your own sexual bliss…

I LOVE when you get lost in ecstasy….

I LOVE when you remember that existence is crazy, wild & exuberant when you just scratch a tiny bit beneath the “normal” surface.

Those experiences are possible the more that you DO the things that get you there rather than talk about them.

So I made a detailed Tantric experience that you can try tonight.

I not only describe this simple practice in the video below, But I’ve also made an additional 15 minute follow along practice video for you to do with your partner tonight…or any other night.

It’s an exquisite practice, and it really helps you understand “What is Tantra?”

Because Tantra is to be experienced as much as anything else.

Have a fabulous night!! ;)
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My Friends Had Sex For 8 Hours…Here’s How


In spite of myself, I often find myself in pretty ridiculous conversations…

like one that happened a few weeks ago.

I was at a dinner, and the founder of a tech incubator was asking me about Tantra.

Doing my due diligence, I emphasized how Tantra is “An ancient enlightenment tradition with many lineages operating on a base of yoga and meditation”…for about five minutes.

He looked thoughtful for a second before asking me…

“So how long can someone have sex for?”

“Um, my friends once had sex for eight hours,” I offered.


He screamed and stood up, shushing everyone at the table.

“Layla can show you how to have sex for eight hours!”

“What,?” exclaimed the other people at the table.

“She’s a Tantra teacher,” my friend said knowingly.

“Is this true?” the lawyer next to me asked.

“Yeah, I mean, yes,” I said, a little sheepishly.

“I want to know how to have sex for eight hours!”

Everyone at the table agreed.

So I told them…and they were in awe of the frivolous, playful celebration of it all.

and now I’m sharing it with you too in this weeks Vlog below.
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Foreplay for Exquisitely Sensitive Sex


Something unbelievably serendipitous happened this week.

Andrew and I are in Greece taking part in a couple’s soulmate Tantra training…

And we found out the whole week is on foreplay for awakening the five senses…

and that is exactly what todays Vlog is all about too.

So we’re going to experience it together!! :)

The craziest thing is that after a few days of enhancing my own sensitivity to smell, taste, touch, sound and sight here in Greece…

I feel more in love with Andrew than I ever have (we’re on our 4th year together.)

AND had the best love-making ever.

What I realized is that if you don’t enhance your 5-senses…

you can be leaving a LOT of love on the table and a LOT of sexual passion.


Because you might actually love the person you’re with, but you’re not able to feel it if your senses have dulled.

You might have dynamite sexual passion in your relationship (or with yourself!) but you’re just not able to feel it if your senses have dulled.

It’s like having a million dollars in a bank account and you forgot you had it there, so you walk around feeling broke and worried.

The five senses make all the difference because they allow you to feel the goodness that is already within you.

Todays video will show you how to awaken them to experience exquisitely sensitive sexuality with a lover.

Opening gateways of intense pleasure and love! – it is literally like the best drugs in the world – but totally natural.

(I would know, ’cause after activating my five senses, I’m acting wildly stoned in the best kind of way!!)

Find out this incredible foreplay technique below.

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Going Down on a Goddess – 16 Sensual Steps


The first time a lover treated me as a Goddess, I burst into tears.

To be seen as a powerful, magical and beautiful being…

It felt true…

It felt vulnerable…

And it felt so incredibly amazing.

I was so sad for all the times I’d never experienced it.

This is the source of all amazing sexual experiences – looking at your partner with awe and wonder.

If you approach a woman as a Goddess when you go down on her…wow…

It can literally be life-changing.

People think that having excellent oral skills is just that – a set of skills.

But it’s way more about having an inner approach of sensitivity, love and even devotion.

And the skills help, too.

That’s why I’ve made this video for you, it’s got detailed skills and all of the mindset you could ever need to be a truly excellent lover.

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Are All Women Lesbians?


Sometimes when I’m walking down the street I feel like shouting “you’ve all been lied too!”

I want to run up to people screaming, “you were born free! you were born highly sexual! you were born to live!!”

(at this point in my fantasy, I’m being hauled off by the LAPD for questioning.)

The truth is, most of us have been told lie after lie about our sexuality.

It’s only now that the true story is emerging about our absolutely wild and beautiful nature as humans.

This is partly due to some courageous scientists asking truly groundbreaking questions and doing real research…

In this week’s video, I’m going to share with you some of their incredible discoveries.

These are the kinds of things that will send shivers up your spine….

We’re gonna kick it off with a surprising study that asks the question, “Are all women actually lesbians?”
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