Why I cry after sex

When I read a bunch of news reports recently on men and women who feel sad after sex…

I froze.

After sex, I used to sob and sob and sob and sob.

Sometimes I cried so hard, I totally freaked out my partner.

In my case, at that time in my life (very early adulthood)…

I was sad after (and even during) sex because I had a TON of unprocessed sexual trauma.

It wasn’t until years into my healing journey that that sort of sobbing stopped.

But I also get sad for other reasons.

Sometimes with Andrew, sex is sooooo beautiful…

And I feel so ecstatic…so alive…so free…so…female…

That I sob as soon as I realize how sexual repression, trauma and negativity has ripped this experience from so many women’s lives.

Sometimes I cry because I have such an amazing orgasm and I’m grieving all the years in my life when that felt so unreachable.

Sometimes I cry because I love Andrew so much.

Sometimes I cry because even though I love Andrew so much, I still feel alone.

Basically…I get sad after sex a LOT.

And if I’m doing it…I bet you’re doing it, too.

I’d love to normalize it, so that if you do get sad after sex…

You can embrace it.

You can talk about it.

You can cry freely and have your partner support you.

It isn’t weird, or abnormal or wrong…

It’s just human.

Sex makes us feel.

And wow, there is so much to feel sad about.

Do you get sad after sex?

Do you know why?

Find out why 40% of people feel sad after sex below

If it happens to you and you want to share, write me back and I can set you up with one of my top trained coaches, Hilary Kern, who is the most brilliant woman. She will support you and help you find out more.

BTW, there is no charge for that or anything – it’s just beautiful to be able to offer you some additional support from one of my teachers.