6 Unforgettably Electric Kissing Moves

Ahhh kissing…

My first kiss* was with Renny in the 7th grade when someone dared him to kiss me during a parentless summer afternoon.

*awkward, shy

My first real kiss* was with the Italian, Thomas, on the streets of Florence. I was fifteen, but I told him I was nineteen and he held me up against a Renaissance wall and shoved his tongue down my throat.

*kind of hot, kind of too much tongue

My first electric kiss* was at Stanford during this weird thing called “Full Moon on the Quad” where you wander around drunk as a freshman and get kissed by a senior. I only know that he was an older football player and his kiss was full bodied as he gently grabbed my hair and rocked in the hottest rhythm with my mouth.


Holy Shitballs!!! That kiss was an unforgettable experience in and of itself. My whole body was on fire with liquid pleasure.

He disappeared off into the night…but I was forever changed…and his electric kissing technique stayed with me…

In this week’s video I’m going to share it with you, so you can have all those electric kisses of your own.

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Love, Layla.