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Foods that make you smell, feel & taste awesome in bed.


So, We all know the basic rules…

like no scoffing down a garlic pasta on a first date (unless your date is a total bore and theres zero chance they’re getting a kiss from you)

…or that puffing away on a bunch of cigarettes isn’t going to win you extra points in the bedroom.

But that’s just beginners stuff!!!

In todays video I’m going to share with you exactly what foods are going to make a REAL difference to your love life.

Foods to build hormone levels and energy for wilder sex.

Foods to make you taste so amazing, your lover will want to lick every part of your body.

And foods to awaken more awesome pleasure and sensations in your body.

Plus I’m also going to share with you some surprising foods that actually wreak havoc with your sex life.

Discover the best foods to make you smell, feel and taste amazing in bed below. (Plus watch me slap Andrew in the face with a bunch of Kale)
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Playing With Sexual Archetypes.


I once had this sexy Austrian mixed-martial arts lover…

He was the head of security detail back in Vienna and had a heart of gold and a voracious sexual appetite.

(Yeah. Sigh.)

On the last night of being together before he headed back to Europe, we made love in a wild, ecstatic, over-the-top kind of way…

And something so incredible happened.

My sense of myself…Layla…dissolved.

All that was left was an extraordinary experience of being light itself making love.

In that moment, there was no start and no end to orgasm…it felt endless and eternal.

The best part of all of this, was that we thought his Japanese housemates had already gone to some fancy dress space-party so we were SUPER loud.

And I came downstairs to a bunch of silent, stunned Japanese tourists dressed in intergalactic party-gear, who then burst out laughing in the most joyful way.

I learned that evening that sex can be a doorway into much deeper, more archetypal aspects of ourselves.

Being the light is just one option.

You could also be the elegant darkness of the night sky.

Or a warrior … or a nymph.

It’s not an act, like a role-play or a fantasy.

It’s about allowing an aspect of yourself to come out and play … oh yes!

This can be healing on so many levels, and one of the main benefits is that it keeps sex from ever getting boring.

It can really help if you have an idea like “I just don’t have a high sex-drive” or “I’m not like that in the bedroom”

…inhabiting an archetype can expand you so much into things you never thought possible…

And it allows you to offer so many flavors of the masculine or feminine to your partner…

No one wants to do it the same way for years on end…

And this is one holistic and powerful way to keep your love-life super exciting and deeply fascinating for a lifetime.

Discover how to play with different Sexual Archetypes below.

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An Intimate Session with Esther Perel.

Esther Perel

I was super nervous before I did this interview, but as soon as I hopped on the call all that faded and I got electrified by the wisdom of Esther Perel!!!

You know how when someone speaks with such inspiration you just want to scream, YES! YES! YES!

…and jump through your computer screen to hug them?

(and if you are me, jump around wildly for no reason in a bit of giddy joy…)

Well, that’s how I felt during this interview with Esther Perel.

We covered all sorts of awesome stuff like:

– How to keep passion and attraction alive in a long-term relationship
– The real key to healing from sexual trauma
– Next-level relationships and how to keep things fresh and sexy

But more than anything else, you’ll just feel alive after watching this. Enjoy!!
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Hot Threesomes For Curious Beginners

hot threesomes

In my early 20’s I had two completely different threesome experiences.

In the first…two hot Portuguese surfers who were friends from childhood lovingly tied me to a bed and engaged in a sexy fantasy they’d had since adolescence.

One of them whispered into my ear, “tonight you will be our queen.”

It was – to date – the hottest and most beautiful threesome I’ve ever experienced. Full of celebration, love and connection.

Afterwards, we laughed and all shared a cigarette.

The second threesome went mighty pear-shaped a few years later.

For some reason, my boyfriend and I at the time thought it would be a great idea to hook up with my manager at the local bar in Berkeley.

It started with her in total heaven on her couch with the two of us…

…and ended with me screaming at my boyfriend and slamming the door as I ran out into the freezing cold to fume in anger at feeling abandoned, unloved and left-out.

So, when I tell you I’m going to share with you how to have an amazing threesome that will totally add to your life and relationship:

I speak from the experience of someone who has royally messed it up and also pulled it off in amazing ways.

So In todays video, I’m giving you step-by-step guidance on how to have the best, hottest and most successful threesome ever. Check it out below.
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An Intimate Peek Into Our Sex Life.


This is Andrew, Layla’s boyfriend and business partner.

I haven’t seen Layla for over two months now (I’ve been off traveling in India) but…

we’re finally meeting up again tomorrow.

I’m a little nervous…even though we’ve talked almost every day on Skype it’s totally different seeing her in the flesh.

Will we bond instantly? Will our connection be just as amazing as it was before? Or will it be a little strange at first?

I really love Layla but for some reason every time we’re apart for a while it takes me a day or two to drop back into that deep bonded connection.

Then after a couple of days I wonder why I was ever nervous at all. Our physical and mental connection is always amazing and we’ve both grown so much sexually and emotionally together.

So in todays video we’re giving you an intimate little peek into our sex life and sharing some of the unexpected things we’ve learnt about ourselves and each other.

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