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“Layla is the real deal. This book is pure gold, don’t miss it!” — Dr Deborah Kern

Energy Orgasm – How to give a full body orgasm without even touching.

Energy Orgasm Layla Martin

After filming this Vlog, my videographer said it was one of the most magnificent things he’d ever seen…in his whole life.

The other people in the room stood in silent awe.

What was happening?

I was showing how it is possible to give a woman an energy orgasm without even touching her.

I’m so excited to share it with you, but either watch it by yourself or with headphones, because it starts out pretty full-on!

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3 Unusual but sexy foreplay techniques


Deep intimacy. Lasting passion.

I want it. You want it.

So how do we make more of it??

In over two years with Andrew, sometimes our hurt feelings or schedule’s pile up and we don’t make love with the same intensity or vulnerability.

I crave the kind of sex where my heart cracks open and I’m taken as love herself in motion…

With a busy life that doesn’t just happen, in fact it’s one of the first things to go.

So in todays Vlog I’m sharing 3 different foreplays we use to get out of our minds and back into our hearts before sex.

We get pretty real in our sharing in this video so if you’d like an intimate peek into our relationship then watch the Vlog below.

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8 Sacred Self Pleasure Practices For Goddesses


They say that how you do one thing is how you do everything.

I know no other place that this is more true than in self-pleasuring.

Tense up when you touch yourself, and your life will be more tense.

Rush through self-pleasuring, and your life will feel rushed.

Love and embrace yourself as a sacred goddess while you self-pleasure…

and you’ll show up as a divine feminine powerhouse in life.

But how?

How exactly do you make this radical shift in self pleasure?

How can you touch yourself as to awaken the greatest pleasure…

but also the greatness of yourself?

I’ll show you how in this week’s Vlog below.
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Find Your Dream Partner With This Simple Mind-Shift

Have you ever dated a sociopath, a cheater, a liar or the invisible man (the one who just vanishes without a trace)?

Yeah, I’ve dated every one of those guys and it almost killed me.

I’m going to share the sordid details of my dating fails with you in this week’s video…

I was nearly at the end of my rope, feeling insecure and pretty desperate that I’d never find love….

then I had a huge mind-shift around dating, met the love of my life and have had much better relationships with people ever since.

I want you to experience this mind-shift, too.

It can make the difference between feeling like hell when you date and literally enjoying your path to finding true love.

Discover how to use this mind-shift and hear about my absolutely miserable dating fails in today’s Vlog below.

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6 Steps to Give an Awesome Hand Job


So I was at this party in L.A. yesterday and I was chatting to 4 cute surfer guys.

As usual (considering my profession) the conversation turned to sex.

I told them that I was releasing a Vlog this week on how to give awesome hand jobs.

Four HUGE grins suddenly appeared in front of me.

And one of the guys immediately said, “I hope you told them any good hand job should include a ball massage as well.”

Yep, that’s in there, I replied.

And then one of the other guys chimed in…”Yeah and I hate it when women are too soft on our bits, do you tell them that we actually like it quite hard?


Then I told them the rest of the tips in the Vlog and their grins grew even bigger.

So now I can say I’ve had the approval of lots of men on these tips, including my own man :)

Find out how to make any guys night in the Vlog below.

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