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How to deal with Jealousy and Anger in a healthy way.


I get really jealous.

I get really angry.

It can be hard sometimes not to want to push those feelings away and be a perfect rainbow flavored sparkle light of joy all the time.

Haha, I wish.

But let’s get real. Everyone gets pissed off and jealous at times.

And if I don’t own it, feel it and then let it go, I end up depressed.

Owning my emotions (especially the harder ones to deal with), feeling them and then letting them go makes me feel way more alive than trying to fight them.

The powerful 3 step process that I’m sharing with you this week was Andrew’s idea.

He watched me lead it on a call, screaming and bashing pillows, so it was hard to look away…

…and found it so useful that he wanted me to share it with you in a video.

It not only helps you see what parts of your jealousy and anger are yours to own but which parts (if any) are caused by whoever you’re angry at.

This is a process for feeling your emotions, owning them, and…the most important part, letting them go.

If you’re struggling with any difficult emotions right now, or you find yourself blaming people in your life for situations, this practice is incredibly useful.

I’ve found that it’s really changed my life.

Try the powerful process for yourself below.

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The 30 Day No Orgasm Detox


Oh WOW, filming this weeks video was definitely the most epically hilarious fun I’ve had since the 80’s.

You’re either gonna love it…or watch it and be like WTF?!, Layla??

Either way I’m super excited to share it with you.

It’s all about the No-orgasm detox – where you’re sexually active but don’t actually have any orgasms for a period of 30 days. (for men or women).

What!!! Sounds crazy? – Well in Asia some people have been doing it for thousands of years with powerful reported results.

Results like: More energy, more pleasure and more exquisitely powerful experiences.

I’ve tried it myself and really felt a huge difference, which I’ll share with you in the video.

So If you’re curious, watch my (slightly insane) infomercial below which will show you the process.

(You totally will not regret watching this one, I promise ;)) Watch it below.
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How to Orgasm From Intercourse

how to orgasm from intercourse

I spent many years as a hot-mess.

And that’s a really nice way of saying “I floundered like a desperate, insecure loser while unfavorably comparing myself to every other PERFECT woman who was SO much better than me.”

One thing I was really harsh towards myself about was that I couldn’t orgasm through intercourse.

I had a boyfriend who told me every other lover he’d ever had could, so why couldn’t I?

At first I was bitterly like, I bet they faked it. Then: maybe I just can’t. Maybe there’s something wrong with me. Maybe it’s biological.

And I wish I had some really sweet story about learning to orgasm through intercourse, but it really came down to the fact that I didn’t want his ex to be better than me at sex.

So I learned everything I could, and what I found was that it was a skill.

Something every woman can learn to do.

And while that boyfriend is long-gone and my hot-mess days are over, I’ve kept those skills.

I’ve taught many women how to have orgasms through intercourse, and many of their lovers how to give them orgasms through intercourse.

“How do I orgasm from intercourse?” is actually the #1 question I get asked.

So in this week’s video, I’ve summarized my method so you can follow it yourself. You can learn it below.

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6 Unforgettably Electric Kissing Moves


Ahhh kissing…

My first kiss* was with Renny in the 7th grade when someone dared him to kiss me during a parentless summer afternoon.

*awkward, shy

My first real kiss* was with the Italian, Thomas, on the streets of Florence. I was fifteen, but I told him I was nineteen and he held me up against a Renaissance wall and shoved his tongue down my throat.

*kind of hot, kind of too much tongue

My first electric kiss* was at Stanford during this weird thing called “Full Moon on the Quad” where you wander around drunk as a freshman and get kissed by a senior. I only know that he was an older football player and his kiss was full bodied as he gently grabbed my hair and rocked in the hottest rhythm with my mouth.


Holy Shitballs!!! That kiss was an unforgettable experience in and of itself. My whole body was on fire with liquid pleasure.

He disappeared off into the night…but I was forever changed…and his electric kissing technique stayed with me…

In this week’s video I’m going to share it with you, so you can have all those electric kisses of your own.

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My top ten favorite moments of 2015 with you…


This has been a wildly beautiful year that we shared together…

I wanted to wrap up by going through our top ten most amazing (and ridiculously fun) moments below…

Drumroll, please!! (Dun, Dun, Dun…)

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