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How to keep wild sex alive in any relationship


Can you answer one of the great sexual questions of all time…

Can a couple keep wild, passionate lovemaking all through a long-term relationship?

Or does it “naturally” die off?

The erotic happiness of our marriages, partnerships and lasting romances depends on how we answer this question.

Andrew and I started off pretty wild, and then our passion faded.

I thought, damn. Something has got to be done.

Can something be done???

So I put us into a sort of wild-sex training, and sure enough, the passionate lovemaking returned.

My answer is yes, you can absolutely keep wild-sex and passion alive in a long-term relationship.

But you need the right tools and focus and hardly any of us are taught this.

In this week’s Vlog below, I’m going to share six ways to keep that wild sexy fire alive.

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6 Steps to Exquisitely Sublime Full Body Orgasms


One of the most popular questions I get is about how to have full body orgasms.

And let me tell you they are exquiste, sublime and almost any other sexy adjective you can think of.

There are simple techniques to having one, which I will share with you below…

but the biggest key is in being able to say YES to all of your sexuality.

Think about this:

What would happen if you said…
YES to your body?
YES to your pleasure?
YES to your freedom?
YES to the truth of who you are?
YES to everything life has to offer?

What would your life look like then?

One of the keys to that YES is experiencing full-body orgasmic pleasure.

In this video, I’m going to break full body orgasms down for you in six simple steps (dressed sort of like a weird-superhero on a tree??) check it out below.

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The 7 Orgasmic Wonders of The Female World


You know how everyone always tells you to “be yourself?”

Well, I basically “was myself” when I filmed this week’s video.

But when I watched the final cut I thought;

“Holy Mother of God, I don’t want anyone to see this.”

Anyways…I can promise that you will be entertained.

The idea was to inspire to you to explore different pleasure areas of your body.

Today is my birthday, and I can think of no better way to celebrate being alive than by exploring one of my edges.

Showing this video is an edge for me…

and if you watch this video, you’ll be able to find a new erotic edge for yourself.
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Opening Chakras With Orgasm


My boyfriend Andrew was super skeptical of this weeks video.


Most people don’t realize that one of the easiest ways for opening chakras is not from years of meditation, yoga or crystals…it’s actually from orgasm.

And for those of you like my boyfriend who just don’t get chakras, this is one of the easiest ways to start feeling and opening them.

It’s actually possible to climax on every one of your chakras and each one feels super different, delicious and sublime.

So In todays Vlog I’m going to show you simple steps for opening chakras with orgasm and how each one will feel, check it out below:

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Energy Orgasm – How to give a full body orgasm without even touching.

Energy Orgasm Layla Martin

After filming this Vlog, my videographer said it was one of the most magnificent things he’d ever seen…in his whole life.

The other people in the room stood in silent awe.

What was happening?

I was showing how it is possible to give a woman an energy orgasm without even touching her.

I’m so excited to share it with you, but either watch it by yourself or with headphones, because it starts out pretty full-on!

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