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3 Common ‘Sexual Blockages’ your lover might be experiencing.


I’ve had an illness and a fever for the past few days and Andrew’s been taking care of me like a champion – making me ginger, lemon and honey teas and telling me how much he loves me.

Being sick is lame, but having someone look after you makes it SO much better.

It got me thinking though, because at some point, all of us go through a kind of sexual sickness:

– maybe you lose your desire, maybe you can’t have an orgasm, maybe you can’t get an erection, maybe you get stuck in your head, maybe you can’t feel anything…we all go there sometimes.

Too often I see that couples miss this as an opportunity to take care of one another because they take it really personally and get upset.

That usually makes the whole thing worse.

Instead, if your lover is struggling with sexual blockages they usually need you to step up and love them even more deeply than ever so they can work through it.

This week’s Vlog goes really in depth about the issues that may come up for you or your lover and how you can really support one another through them, rather than shutting down.

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How to Last Longer in Bed – 6 Simple Steps


I was shocked when I had my first lover who could go for an hour.

It wasn’t just “marathon-sex” for show.

Literally, my whole perception of sex shifted and I opened in ways I didn’t know were possible.

At about the 40 minute mark I experienced a kind of orgasm I’d never felt before.

It was sublime!

When my current partner Andrew and I got together the sex was pretty great…

but he often couldn’t last long enough to get me to the depths of my full orgasmic pleasure.

This changed quickly after I taught him some simple techniques.

Now not only can he consistently last much longer and give me exquisite orgasms but he also has way more amazing orgasms himself.

Win Win!!

So in todays vlog I’m going to share with you the 6 simple techniques I taught him to last longer in bed.
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Hot BDSM for beginners.


Not gonna lie to you, pain and dungeons are not my thing, so for the longest time I’ve stayed away from BDSM.

Then Andrew and I went to a “BDSM for beginners” workshop and learned the art of sensual spanking.

When he rubbed up against me and teased me and then gave me just the right amount of intensity: WOW!

A doorway opened.

So we kept exploring and what I found is that:

1. Either BDSM is “your thing'” – in which case, you should definitely explore it fully.

2. BDSM is “not your thing” – but, as in my case, can teach you so many great things about clear boundaries, exploring edges and fantasies that is worth experiencing because it can greatly enhance your every-day sex life.

So in todays video I’ll show you how to setup a super hot BDSM / kinky sex scene that is safe, contained, responsible and super fun, check it out below.

This video is not to be missed as it features me dragging Andrew around in a dog-collar…

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Which Relationship Type Are You?


Andrew and I just got back from Europe where we’ve been doing part of a 4-year long couple’s soulmate training (I don’t really like to half-ass anything).

It takes us through our deepest fears and issues and also our great capacity for love and sex.

Even though it was a struggle to get into the process and to stick with it – we had to make-love for almost 21-days in a row with pretty intense rules…

We’ve been experiencing a renaissance of love, passion and profound sexuality.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes a relationship happy? What makes the sex amazing year after year?

And I’ve realized it has a lot to do with your relationship type.

Are you intimate, vulnerable or mysterious?

Find out in this weeks video and discover how it affects your relationships, and how you can change the balance if you desire.

(This is also amazing if you are dating or single to discover how you form relationships and what it takes for you to succeed.)
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Tantric Sex For Beginners and/or slightly lazy people.


After spending two years on an island in Thailand studying deep spiritual Tantric practices, I headed back to New York City.

I was so ALIVE, so full of LOVE and PLEASURE and I thought everyone would be knocking me down to get these secrets to the universe!!!


No one really cared at all.

And to my utter surprise, it wasn’t because it was “dirty” or “weird” or “bad.”

People were like, “Oh, that sounds like a lot of work.”

And yes it certainly can be…but it doesn’t have to be!

Tantra was originally designed for men and women who had full-on lives.

So in that spirit, this video is all about how to have a Tantric experience fast and easy – A Tantric Quickie –  a.k.a. Tantric Sex for Beginners and/or Slightly Lazy People ;)

Check it out below.

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